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Ramona Tire, Ontario Ramona Tire, Ontario
Manager: Juan Valdez
2451 S. Euclid Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761

Retail, Commercial

Payments Accepted

  • American Express
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  • CFNA
  • Debit Cards
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Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Cleaning and servicing of your vehicle’s AC is a preventive measure for costly repairs and for keeping you healthy. With the windows rolled up and the AC on, it is the air we breathe in. Since the modern air condition system is a complicated creature, it is advised to have a professional service done.

Auto Repair Center

Every automobile owner understands the tension associated with car repair. You either have to invest a lot of time trying to repair your issues yourself, or you have to handle the inconvenience of taking your car an auto repair shop. Both instances can get rather bothersome, however this information will assist make your experience a little simpler. 

Auto Repair Service

Should you find that your auto has been damaged, you will not only have to deal with high repair costs, but the stress of trying to find the right auto repair service in Ontario, CA. With cities being filled with endless repair shops, it can be hard to find a place that you are comfortable working with. So how does a person find that perfect shop? Here are some things you can do to improve your chances.

Auto Repair Shop

Every automobile owner understands the tension associated with car repair. You either have to invest a lot of time trying to repair your issues yourself, or you have to handle the inconvenience of taking your car an auto repair shop. Both instances can get rather bothersome, however this information will assist make your experience a little simpler.

Auto Repair Stores

These days, we all rely on dependable transportation to get up to and from work and every day chores. That transportation is often our vehicles. It could be difficult to go without one for a few weeks until the mechanic can complete repairs. For that reason, you ought to look for a shop that provides a warranty that your vehicle will be ready to go quickly. We all know that that isn't always possible, since sometimes parts must be ordered. The next best thing to do is look for a shop that offers an acceptable loaner or rental option. 

Auto Service Center

Everyone's automobile requires maintenance. Preventative servicing is less expensive than waiting for a major repair to show up. The following preventative services will allow any automobile to surpass the average life span of a vehicle. This article is a practical guide to measures that everyone can take to keep their automobile in good running condition.

Automobile Repair

Having to get your automobile repaired can be very frustrating. It is tough to find a reputable repair shop, and finding one at the right price is challenging. Thankfully, this piece will guide you in getting the service you deserve. 

Automotive Mechanics

There is a good chance you won’t have your vehicle for at least a day. You need to keep that in mind as you look over the options that you have. It will be important to get someone closer to you, so you don’t have to worry about taking long periods of time off to pick up your vehicle or to drop it off. You also need to be mindful of the hours of these professionals and determine if you can realistically pick up the car without having to make a special trip to leave work.

Automotive Repair

It can be expensive to repair a car. This requires purchasing car parts and paying an auto shop for repairs. Would your life be much easier if you knew how to do your own automotive repairs? The information in this article will help you to become an expert mechanic in no time. 

Automotive Repairs

Prices can vary greatly between repair centers, so be sure you do a comparison as if you were shopping for anything else you need. After all, you do not want to pay more for repairs than necessary. Make sure the shop you go to is charging a going rate, instead of an inflated one. 

Automotive Service

From flashers to front lights and even your turn signal you possess plenty of lights to focus on. Regularly, you should check the lights to ensure that they are working all the time. While you likely won’t encounter excessive issue with them, many of these lights do go out after 3 years of use and this can lead to expensive tickets. 


Inspecting and replacing your belts is an important part of auto maintenance. Be sure to inspect your belts while your engine is cold. You can identify problems much sooner by visual inspection and extend the life of your engine. There are a number of different belts that you can learn about by reading your car manual.

Brake Repair

Brake pads, rotors and brake fluid should be monitored. How much time passes between inspections depends on your driving style. How hard and how often you brake is the deciding factor. Replacement usually is between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. Inspect the brake fluid to make sure it is always at the correct level.

Brake Service

Now that you see the indications that you need Brake Services in Ontario, CA , you also have to be mindful of the many components involved with present day brake systems. You have the master cylinder that pumps the brake fluid to each one of the braking system lines to each brake cylinder, so that the brakes will stop the vehicle. This fluid has an extremely high boiling point to tolerate the heat created by the brakes. 

Car Batteries

Between routine servicing, check your battery to make sure your cables are snug and tight for good contact. If your cables and battery look dirty, remove them and clean away any corrosion from the cables and the top of battery with a solution of baking soda, water, and a brush. It is a good idea to have your charging system checked once your battery is two years old.

Car Inspection

Obviously, even before you make it to the car inspection with your mechanic, pay close attention to the test drive. If you start to observe that there are control problems from the beginning, even if they seem to be minor, they could end up greater considerations before very long. If you don't be sure on something, you could use a qualified review the steering and figure out if the issue is that it's a vehicle you are not accustomed to, or if there is something else happening. 

Car Oil Changes

Despite it being one of the simplest and cheapest things we are able to do for your vehicle, lots of people postpone a car oil change so long as they are able to. Although it may seem like it isn’t all that important, you will see that a regular oil change is important for that life of your car’s engine. Also a single missed change or driving an added thousand miles can have an impact on your vehicle. This is why it is crucial you plan on changing your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Car Repair

Have you desired to ever do car repairs in Ontario, California? It might be hard to do, but in the end, it's rewarding. You could also save a lot of money by fixing your car and performing preventative maintenance. The following article will give you some great car repair tips. Your car still needs to be washed during the winter, even though the weather makes it more difficult. The winter damages your car more than any other season. With so much sand and salt around, you are just asking for rust and abrasion. Prevent ice from forming on your car: dry it thoroughly after washing. 

Car Repair Shop

You can now find car repair shops in some of the tiniest towns, and most huge cities are home to a minimum of 10 stores offering auto repair products and full maintenance and repair services. Customers who want to look after their vehicles without paying high dealership repair costs now depend on these car service center for credible info, cost effective prices, and services needed to keep their automobiles safe on the roadway. 

Car Shops

Anyone who owns a motorized vehicle can enjoy taking it into be serviced at some time or any other. You can even find situations when major issues arise and a good mechanic will be the only person with whom you want to talk. The only real question for you is whether it is advisable to take your car with an independent technician or even to a dealer instead. 

Car Tires

Car tires are an important a part of your automobile. Getting the right tires will make sure that your safety is maintained constantly on the streets. With lots of facts to consider, it will be important to understand the basics to help you choose the wheels that are going to best meet your requirements. 

Clutch Repair

Have you desired to ever do car repairs in Ontario, California? It might be hard to do, but in the end, it's rewarding. You could also save a lot of money by fixing your car and performing preventative maintenance. The following article will give you some great car repair tips. Your car still needs to be washed during the winter, even though the weather makes it more difficult. The winter damages your car more than any other season. With so much sand and salt around, you are just asking for rust and abrasion. Prevent ice from forming on your car: dry it thoroughly after washing. 

Computerized Engine Analysis

Your engines computer is in charge of monitoring emissions and adjusting the engine to keep emissions as low as possible. The computer also receives information from sensors such as the air pressure, air and engine temperature, throttle position, oxygen and knock. Using these sensors, the computer can control fuel injectors, spark plugs and idle speed. It can also sense when something has gone wrong and inform the driver with the “Check Engine” light. That is where the complete analysis is required to get to the source of the problem.

CV Joint and Drive Axle

A drive axle is split between two half axles. Each half axle is connected to the wheel by a third joint called the constant velocity joint. This joint allows the shaft to rotate and it transmits power at a constant speed without any significant increase in friction or heat.

Electrical Systems

Most people do not know how to diagnose and repair their vehicle’s electrical system. Proper maintenance consists of cleaning and checking the battery connection, checking the belt tension, checking the connection of the alternator, making sure the starter is making a good connection and is clean, and all wires are rust and corrosion free. In addition, computerized controls should be checked.

Engine Repair

Services include changing oil, filters, cleaning to remove carbon deposits on fuel injectors, checking fuel pump, distributor cap and rotor, ignition wires and module. Your manual should give you a list of all the things to have serviced and/or checked on your vehicle. Try to follow the schedule closely as it will extend the life of your engine.

Exhaust Systems

The signs of an exhaust system that is not working properly are fumes and excessive noise. When the fumes enter the passenger compartment, serious health issues are a concern. The exhaust system can become sluggish over time and delaying servicing can cause an expensive repair involving the catalytic converter.


A front-end alignment is a worthwhile investment in return for a smooth ride. Approximately, every five years or in the event of an accident, an alignment is recommended. You will notice difficulty keeping the car moving straight on a straight and level road if the front-end is an issue.


In the distant past, everyone knew a auto technician down the street who would deal with his or her automobile cheaply and dependably. Many of us that happen to be old enough to remember those days found out all we understand about autos from passing the tools to the mechanic and asking concerns as they would do the service. 

Muffler Repair

Everyone at one time or another has had muffler problems. Some are minor, while others may need to be replaced all the way up to the exhaust manifold. Because mufflers get extremely hot, then cold, the metal doesn’t last quite as long as other vehicle parts. They are also located under the chassis, and exposed to the elements. This means that the weather can play a major part in their deterioration. 

Muffler Shop

The requirement for a vehicle exhaust repair can be stressful for individuals. The second a weird sound launches, there can be some concern with taking the vehicle into a muffler shop assuming that the repair works will cost you several thousand dollars. The what's what is that many sounds don't represent muffler troubles and if you do require a repair it won't cost you as much as you think. Take a minute to look at how to identify if your car requires a brand-new muffler on your own. Simply keep in mind that there will not be a better more effective approach than having the expert muffler company in your area look over the system. 

Oil Changes

Oil changes on a regularly scheduled basis is the formula for a longer running car. It just makes sense that your engine components need constant lubrication to avoid wear and tear. Checking for oil loss between changes will insure no permanent damage will occur from too little oil. Schedule your maintenance for every few thousand miles.

Radiator Service

Checking your coolant regularly can tell you if your radiator is using up coolant too rapidly. This is a sign to have your radiator serviced soon, which includes flushing fluids, checking for cracks and leaks, and refilling with fresh coolant. Protect your engine and be consistent about this maintenance.

Repair Shops

During those occasions when thenational and native, or personal economy is depressed, many people opt to maintain their existing vehicles rather than buy a newer model. This helps reduce costs that you can use for other, more essential things, like putting food around the table. Of course, having good transportation is important at the same time, and looking after the auto is critical to maintaining the ability to get both to and from work or any other such activities. Because of this, getting a good auto mechanic shop is extremely important to the success of this endeavor. 

Shocks and Struts

It is all about steering and braking. Shocks and struts are part of your vehicles suspension system. If they are in need of repair, it can cause premature wear to tires and affect the ride of your vehicle when stopping and steering. If you notice your vehicle swaying and bouncing when you change lanes or step on the brakes, it is time to take your vehicle in for a checkup.

Tire Alignment

Routine maintenance is important for the life of your vehicle. While some people are good about changing their oil and filling the gas tank, there are other portions of your vehicle that also need to be taken care of. Other important items include regularly checking the brakes and even tire alignment. 

Tire Repair

Tire repair is needed when you get punctures from running over nails and leakage from broken valve stems. Frequent inspection to catch these things is helpful, but there is never a convenient time for a flat tire. You can avoid most blowouts by complying with suggested tire maintenance. This involves rotating, checking pressure, balancing, replacing worn out tires, and frequent inspections.

Tire Rotation

It is easy to forget all that we need to do for our cars, but tire rotation is extremely important to protect our original investment. Tires will last longer, wear more evenly, and in general give us far less trouble if we perform the routine maintenance that is advised. Rotate approximately every six months.

Transmission Repair Services

Check the automatic transmission fluid every 1,000 miles for its level, color, and smell. Low levels, dark color, and a burnt smell are signs of impending trouble. Low fluid can be an indicator of a possible seal leakage or malfunction within the transmission or its components. Have your transmission fluid checked when you have your oil changed.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important because it will optimize your ride, handling and wheel characteristics and save you money. The life of your tires alone is incentive enough to keep your vehicle in proper alignment. Maintaining the factory specified suspension setting will make your car safer and easier to drive. After installing new tires or replacing a worn suspension part, a computerized alignment is required.

Wheel Balancing

Tire wear can cause an imbalance that needs correction. The mass can become uneven in its distribution causing it to fall out of balance. Mechanical and electronic balancers are used for balancing wheels. It is a simple, but important process. It will improve ride and stability. Balancing will also become necessary when purchasing new tires.

Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Services:

  • 15,000 Mile (15K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30,000 Mile (30K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 45,000 Mile (45K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 60,000 Mile (60K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 75,000 Mile (75K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 90,000 Mile (90K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • Any Manufacturer Suggested Scheduled Maintenance Interval

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Ford Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chevy Scheduled Maintenance
  • Toyota Scheduled Maintenance
  • Honda Scheduled Maintenance
  • Nissan Scheduled Maintenance
  • Dodge Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance
  • GMC Scheduled Maintenance
  • KIA Scheduled Maintenance
  • Hyundai Scheduled Maintenance
  • Volkswagen Scheduled Maintenance

Shop Tires in Ontario California at Ramona Tire

Let’s be honest – buying tires sucks. Not only are they expensive, but if you don’t know what to look for, buying them can be confusing. However, buying tires from a local dealer can make things much clearer and simpler. When you shop for tires in Ontario California at Ramona tire, representatives will be there to help you through the process, finding the perfect tire at the perfect price. Of course, you will want to go in with at least some knowledge of tires. Here are some tips to help you shop for tires at Ramona Tire.

1) Buy your tires new

Tires are expensive. Because they are costly, many of us like to buy our tires used. And while buying used tires can save you money, it can also put you at risk. Remember, used tires are just that – used. Thus, their traction may not be as good as new tires, or they may have other issues that could put you at risk when driving. Additionally, used tires will not last as long as new tires. So while you may save money now, in the long run, you will be spending just as much (if not more).

2) Have a basic understanding of tires

When you shop for tires in Ontario California, it is important to understand the basics of the tire. Tires have many different functions; they support the weight of the vehicle, they move the vehicle, they stop the vehicle, and they protect the vehicle from bumps in the road. Thus, the tires you choose should be based on the weight of your vehicle, as well as the amount and type of driving you do (Summer driving, winter driving, highway driving, off-road driving, etc.).

3) Know the size of your tires

One of the most important things that you need to know when buying new tires is the size that you need. The size of your tires can be found on the alphanumeric code located on the sidewall of every tire. If you are unsure of how to read this code ask a representative at Ramona tire – they will be able to answer any question you may have.

4) Consider fuel economy

You don’t want to base your entire tire buying decision on fuel economy. However, the tire that you choose can actually affect your fuel economy anywhere between 15 and 20 percent! Thus, you will want to ask your Ramona Tire representative which tires will give you the best economy. With that said, be sure that you balance fuel economy with performance – never compromise your tire performance for good economy.

If you are looking to buy new tires, take these few tips along with you. While the above tips give you a basic understanding as to what to consider when buying tires, a Ramona Tire representative will be able to speak with you more in depth, ensuring that you find the best set of tires for your vehicle. Shop tires in Ontario California at Ramona Tire today and get all of the information you need for finding the right tire and the right price!

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