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Drivers in Southern California can run into all kinds of problems, some of which are more severe than others. In many cases, your car will just need a quick oil change to get back in business. But that’s not always the case—instead, you may need more significant car maintenance, or even a complete auto or tire repair.

Choosing a quality auto repair shop to handle your car maintenance needs is essential. Luckily, it’s easy to get excellent service in this region—simply visit your nearest Ramona Tire & Service Center location! Our company has been a local fixture since 1969, giving us the experience needed to get your car back in working condition ASAP.

Our Car Auto Repair Services

If you need auto service in Southern California, you’re not alone. In fact, just about every driver has experienced car problems at some point in their life. The best step you can take to resolve these issues is choosing the right auto repair shop to take care of them for you. At Ramona Tire, we can work on the following.

Brake Repair

It’s a simple truth—you can’t be a safe driver without functional brakes. However, it’s no secret that brake systems are complicated and intricate. Making matters worse, these systems are friction-based, meaning you’ll need to replace your brake pads and other brake-related components eventually.

The crew at Ramona Tire knows precisely how to make your vehicle’s brakes as good as new. If you’re experiencing braking issues, bring your car to one of our shops for a full inspection. From there, we’ll install new brake pads/shoes, resurface rotors, repack wheel bearings, and take care of any other brake repair services you need.

Transmission Repair

Your engine is responsible for creating power for your vehicle, but it wouldn’t be able to get you around Southern California on its own. To accomplish this, it works with your transmission—the component responsible for sending power from your engine to your wheels. And, as you might expect, a faulty transmission can create serious problems for your car.

Instead of trying to fix transmission problems on your own, let the Ramona Tire team help! We can check your transmission, fix any leaks it has developed, adjust or replace your clutch, and even handle a full automatic or manual transmission replacement. A transmission is one of the most complex elements of any car—choose California’s most qualified transmission shop when it needs a quick fix!

Engine Service

Just about every driver in Southern California understands why their car’s engine is so crucial. However, understanding the role your engine plays doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to fix it when things go wrong. If your diagnostic system picks up on problems in your vehicle, your “check engine” light will turn on. That light can indicate both minor and major engine issues, but you won’t be able to tell the difference on your own.

At every Ramona Tire location, we have the diagnostic equipment required to help us figure out what your car’s engine problem is ASAP. Once that’s taken care of, our mechanics will work towards fixing the difficulties your engine is experiencing. Give Ramona Tire a call whenever you need engine repairs due to your “check engine” light activates!

Air Conditioning Service

As a Southern California resident, there’s a good chance your home and car are equipped with some sort of air conditioning system. That’s because the heat in this part of the country can get severe, especially at the height of summer. You rely on A/C to stay comfortable at home and in the office, and having a fully functional air conditioning system in the car is just as important.

If you don’t keep up on auto air conditioning maintenance, your A/C system will decrease in efficiency by about five percent annually. Continuing to ignore this issue will result in an A/C system that blows warm air at best—and mold growth or a damp cabin at worst. When you suspect your vehicle’s air conditioning could use some attention, our auto AC repair mechanics are ready to help.

Cooling System Service

Your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t the only “cooling system” you’ll need to take care of. It also has a cooling system designed to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Without a well-maintained and properly pressurized cooling system, your engine could quickly overheat. If that happens, it could seriously damage other components in your car.

The best way to avoid these issues is by scheduling regular cooling system maintenance appointments at Ramona Tire. We’ll perform cooling system pressure tests to check for leaks, handle your cooling system flush needs, and take care of any necessary repairs. To keep your vehicle cool all year round, don’t hesitate to schedule service today!

Steering & Suspension Service

A vehicle’s steering and suspension systems have two important jobs—they keep drivers in full control and they allow drivers and passengers to enjoy a smooth ride. Ideally, your suspension system will absorb the impact of bumps in the road for years to come. That said, the shock absorbers, coil springs, and other components used in this system will eventually wear out.

You should reach out to Ramona Tire for steering and suspension service when that happens. Our team can inspect your suspension, repair your struts and shocks, and replace your ball joints, tie rods, and sway bars—just to name a few ways we can help.

Preventative Car Maintenance

If you’ve ever gone through a major auto repair, you know how inconvenient and expensive this process can be. The good news is that scheduling preventative maintenance right now can reduce your odds of getting into this situation in the future.

At Ramona Tire, we offer our valued customers a thorough selection of preventative car maintenance services. Choose us for regular oil changes, tire wear checks, and vehicle inspections.

And More!

These aren’t the only jobs the crew at Ramona Tire & Service Center can work on—we pride ourselves on being California’s full-service alignment shop. Explore our entire lineup of auto services to learn more!

The Ramona Tire Difference

Chances are, your car is one of the most valuable things you own. Since your vehicle is a significant investment, it makes sense that you’d want to protect it, which means choosing the right auto shop when it needs service. In Southern California, locals know they can count on Ramona Tire. We can provide the following.

ASE-Certified Auto Mechanics

When you’re looking for car repair services, the single most crucial factor to focus on is the qualifications of a shop’s employees. After all, these people are personally responsible for getting your car back on the road. If you pick a low-quality auto repair shop for car maintenance, the result could be overpriced repairs—or even a damaged vehicle.

The people working at Ramona Tire are ASE-certified mechanics. ASE certification sets the best auto techs apart from the rest, making us the most reliable choice for any type of car repair you might need.

Advanced Check Engine Light Diagnostic Equipment

Has your “check engine” light turned on? That’s an excellent way to know when your car needs professional attention—but it’s not much help beyond that. After all, this light can’t indicate what problems your vehicle is facing on its own.

With our advanced diagnostic equipment, Ramona Tire’s mechanics can communicate with your vehicle to determine just what’s going on. Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll take no time at all to fix it for you!

Opportunities to Save on Car Maintenance

A simple oil change may not be all that expensive, but this isn’t the only type of car maintenance you’ll need to keep up on as a Southern California driver. Auto repairs and other large-scale tasks can get expensive quickly.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay for the full cost of your next car repair. Instead, check out Ramona Tire’s online coupons and financing options!

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