Car Cooling System Services

How The Cooling System Works

In your vehicle, fuel is converted into heat energy, which means the internal temperatures in your engine compartment can increase dramatically in a short period of time. If your engine overheats, it can cause major damage to various components and cost you a significant amount of time and money to fix. Your vehicle’s cooling system helps maintain a constant internal temperature. Antifreeze is used in cooling systems to regulate your engine’s temperature.

Your engine’s coolants must be capable of withstanding cold temperatures without freezing and warm temperatures without boiling. Aside from maintaining constant engine temperatures as it passes through the cooling system, antifreeze prevents corrosion and lubricates engine components to ensure that everything moves and performs properly.

Unfortunately, cooling systems are not impervious to damage. Leaks can occur when corrosion is present, and these leaks may be hard to find. If you suspect that you have a leak, schedule a cooling system service today.

Get a Cooling System Pressure Test

A cooling system leak left untreated will eventually lead to bigger problems. If you spot a leak, be sure to visit us for a cooling system pressure test. Our pressure test can locate the source of the leak. Once a leak is identified, a member of our service staff can determine the proper repair procedure. Our cooling system pressure test is effective and dependable, and we are confident that we will be able to make the cooling system repairs that your vehicle requires.

Mechanic refilling engine coolant fluidWhy You Need a Cooling System Service

Since antifreeze helps regulate your engine’s internal temperature, it is important to check antifreeze levels often. Coolant levels should only be checked when the engine is completely cool, because engine coolant can be hot enough to burn. Significantly lowered coolant levels usually mean you have a leak, or your engine is running too hot. Driving your vehicle on old engine coolant is a leading cause of cooling system failure.

A cooling system flush is necessary for maintaining proper performance levels. The purpose of any cooling system flush is to rid your vehicle of its old antifreeze. Our service staff can drain antifreeze from your radiator, flush out your cooling system, and add new antifreeze to your radiator. We are happy to do cooling system flushes on vehicles of all makes and models. Our knowledgeable staff will approach your cooling system flush service and fill with complete competence to deliver quality repairs.

We proudly offer cooling system services throughout Inland Empire including Beaumont, Hemet, Moreno Valley and the surrounding areas. Stop by and visit us at any one of our locations.

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