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Are you a Southern California resident planning to purchase new tires or looking for expert tire service? If so, the team at Ramona Tire & Service Center is here for you! As the area’s most trusted tire shop since 1969, we can help you find the perfect set of tires for your vehicle—no matter what make or model you drive. And if your tires need repair, we’re always ready to give them the close attention they deserve!

Why You Will Need to Purchase New Tires

In Southern California, no matter how carefully you drive, your tires will eventually wear out. Getting them serviced and inspected on a regular basis can extend their lifespan—yet won’t enable them to last indefinitely. After a decade or so, you’ll want to think about buying a new set of tires—that is assuming that no unforeseen (and significant) damage compels you to purchase them ahead of schedule.

If for any reason you need new tires, Ramona Tire in Southern California is your ideal choice for complete tire replacement. Our experienced crew will help you during every step of the tire selection process. You’ll leave our shop with a brand-new set of tires that you’ll have total confidence in.



Don’t Ignore These Signs That You’re in Need of Tire Repair

If you visually inspect your tires on occasion, you’ll be able to recognize some initial warning signs of wear—before they result in severe and excessive damage. While examining your tires, keep an eye out for:

  • Feathering—If your alignment settings aren’t correctly dialed in, your tires will display an asymmetrical wear pattern. When your tires are feathered, the raised section of tread is sharp on one side, but smooth on the other.
  • Cracking or bulging—Your tires require proper inflation for a number of reasons, including the ability to maintain their integrity while absorbing contact with potholes and other road hazards. If you’re driving around Southern California with underinflated tires and strike a pothole or a curb, your tires may start to develop bulges and cracks.
  • Scalloping and cupping—When a vehicle doesn’t react well to road conditions—if, for example, it doesn’t “bounce” properly—scallops or cups can develop in your tires. As you can well imagine, this is usually the result of issues with a car’s suspension system.

When you notice any of the above issues affecting your tires, you may be tempted to delay any action for the present. However, this can result in greater trouble and expense for you further down the road. Instead, why not schedule the most professional and complete tire service available today—at your nearest Ramona Tire location.

Buy New Tires at the Best Local Tire Shops

Before purchasing new tires in Southern California, it’s a good idea to do some advanced research. As with any type of automotive work, tire replacement or repair services represent an investment on your part. Obtaining new tires or receiving tire maintenance from a less-than-qualified shop could negatively affect the future performance of your car.

When you’re searching for a Southern California tire shop, look for facilities offering:

  • A wide variety of services in addition to tire care—Your present concern may be centered only on tire service, but complete auto maintenance involves a high level of expertise and a thorough knowledge of many automotive systems and components. Instead of having to use a different company for each individual service, you can save time and effort by selecting one shop that can do it all.
  • A powerful reputation within the area—Auto repair shops that have opened recently in an area may appear dependable enough and might’ve even received a good response from customers. What they lack are the decades of positive community involvement that well-established businesses are known for.
  • Mechanics with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications—ASE certification allows you to differentiate the best auto repair shops in Southern California from the rest of the pack. If the tire shop that you’ve selected confirms that its mechanics have an ASE certification level, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best service available anywhere.

In Southern California, Ramona Tire & Service Center delivers all of the above benefits and many others besides. Book your appointment online today, or whenever you’re ready for tire repair or new tire installation!

Stay Current on Your Tire Maintenance

It makes perfect sense to replace the tires on your car when they’re worn out or damaged. However, tire replacement isn’t always necessary for tires with a certain degree of wear but still in good condition. In many cases, you may just need tire maintenance services. At Ramona Tire, we can help you out with:

Tire Repair

Most tire maintenance services focus on improving the overall condition of your tires, but you may also need adjustments to one or more of your wheels. At Ramona Tire, when you need any tire repair work done, we complete every facet of the job.

Tire Rotation

Based upon where they’re positioned on your vehicle, tires can wear out at different rates. Many Southern California drivers aren’t aware of this fact, yet it can have a considerable impact on the condition of a car’s tires. You can facilitate a more even wear pattern by scheduling periodic tire rotation service—this involves removing your tires and re-installing them in different positions on your car.

Tire Balancing

If your tires are unequal in weight, you could experience a number of different issues, from irregular tire wear and strange vibrations to a noticeable loss in fuel efficiency. Our tire balancing service can counteract these problems. We’ll measure the weight of your tires and make any adjustments by installing small weights as needed.

Receive Tire Rebates and More

There’s no denying that tire repairs and replacements can be expensive. Realizing in advance that you may need tire service doesn’t negate this, but sudden and unexpected tire problems can make it even more challenging to deal with these costs.

To make the process easier and more affordable, be sure to explore the latest opportunities to save money now available to you through Ramona Tire! We’re happy to offer a selection of online coupons and multiple financing options to our Southern California customers.

Frequently Asked Tire Shop Questions

What is the right tire pressure for my car?

The correct tire pressure can vary, depending on the type of car you drive. Check the inner label of your front door on the driver’s side. It can also be found in your owner’s manual. That said, the factory-recommended tire pressure listed there won’t apply if you’re using tires other than the ones originally mounted on the wheels your vehicle came with. If that’s the case, you can always check with the team at Ramona Tire for advice and assistance.

How often should I rotate my tires?

Generally speaking, you should aim to rotate your tires every 3,000–6,000 miles. At Ramona Tire, you can schedule a tire rotation service that aligns with and follows the best pattern for your vehicle. As part of this work, we’ll inspect your tires for any signs of unusual wear and damage.

Can I replace one or two tires?

If only one of your tires is problematic, you may be able to replace just that one, depending on the condition of your other three tires. However, that isn’t always the case. If you own an all-wheel drive vehicle, you may want to consider replacing all four tires simultaneously. The tire professionals at Ramona Tire can help you decide your best tire replacement options.

How can I replace tires on my own?

While you can try to replace your own tires, most Southern California residents will find that approach to be less than ideal. Instead, when your car is due for a tire replacement, consider working with the mechanics at Ramona Tire, all of whom have ASE certification. Along with replacing your tires, we can inspect them, check air pressure, and more.

What’s the difference between tire alignment and tire balancing?

Tire alignment and tire balancing are two completely different services. For a tire alignment, our mechanics will check the various angles at which your tires contact the road and adjust them, as necessary. In contrast, tire balancing involves adjusting the weight of your tires. In Southern California, Ramona Tire can take care of both of these services, as well as many others.

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