Front & Rear Differential Repair

The differential is responsible for transferring engine power to the wheels. It also compensates for and adjusts to the differences in wheel speed as your vehicle moves through turns. When your vehicle navigates a turn, the inside wheel turns slower than the outside wheel, which has to turn faster in order to keep pace with the inside wheel. The differential allows the wheels to turn at different speeds while maintaining control. A vehicle without a differential would hop and bump along the pavement for an unstable, shaky ride. The location of the differential will vary depending on the type of vehicle. For example, four-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a differential in front and back. In all vehicle applications, the differential is primarily responsible for routing and regulating power between wheels.

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Why Differential Repairs Are Important

Whether your car or truck has four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, your vehicle has a differential that experiences heavy wear and tear. Tougher terrain—like dirt roads, unpaved or gravel roads—and extreme driving can have a heavier impact on the life of your vehicle’s differential.

Noise coming from your vehicle’s differential can be a sign of insufficient lubricant or worn gears and bearings due to regular wear and tear. Maintenance for differentials will differ from vehicle to vehicle. Replacing an entire differential system is costly and can be avoided with routine maintenance as indicated by your owner’s manual, which will provide you with specific intervals for servicing your differential. Depending on your needs, when you undergo a maintenance service, various components of your system will be checked and a differential repair may be needed in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Differential Fluid Change

As part of your normal car maintenance schedule, a differential fluid change can positively impact the safety and health of your vehicle. Differential fluid reduces the heat caused by the friction of moving parts inside the differential. However, friction and heat will progressively break down differential fluid. Worn-out differential fluid can lead to unreliable differential performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown, or failure.

A differential fluid service prepares your vehicle for new fluid by draining out the old fluid and replacing it with fresh differential fluid. During a fluid change, our service staff may inspect other differential components, like gears and shafts, for excessive wear so that the differential continues to work properly.

Schedule A Differential Repair

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