Fuel Injection Cleaning

Over time, fuel injectors can become dirty. Clogged injectors can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance, leading to poor gas mileage and dirty exhaust emissions. Short trips make it especially easy for dirt and grime to build up inside the fuel injector nozzles. Because a healthy fuel injection system is important for overall vehicle maintenance, we advise you to keep watch over the system and have a fuel injection service when needed.

Why Should You Have Fuel Injection Service At Our Shops

If you are experiencing lean misfire, poor acceleration, or rough idling, your fuel injection system may be to blame. When you encounter any of these issues or notice that your fuel injectors are clogged with dirt and grime, visit us for a fuel injection cleaning service.

Our staff understands that dirty injectors can bring various problems to your vehicle, and we are equipped with the right tools for cleaning them. We will work hard to remove any build up in the nozzles of your injectors. In addition, we can check the pressure and volume of your fuel pump and pressure regulator. While inspecting your vehicle’s fuel injection system, we can also inspect the fuel lines, fuel rails, throttle components, and fuel filters. In addition to that, your vehicle’s sensors will also be inspected to ensure they are performing correctly.

When your vehicle is ready for a fuel injection service, don’t delay. Schedule an appointment at Ramona Tire today.

All of our locations in Southern California provide fuel injection cleaning services.

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