Exhaust Repair

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the exhaust system is responsible for collecting and directing harmful emissions away from the vehicle, reducing the amount of pollutants released into the environment, and minimizing engine exhaust noise and force. The exhaust system is composed of pipes and tubing designed to streamline vehicle operation while maximizing vehicle performance and efficiency.

Signs That You Need An Exhaust Repair

Depending upon the problem, the exhaust system can affect both your vehicle’s performance and your ability to drive. For these reasons, it is important to keep current with maintenance intervals on your exhaust system.

An exhaust repair may be needed if you hear excessively loud noises during acceleration. These noises may be a sign of holes or cracks somewhere in the exhaust system. Rattling noises when starting the vehicle or excessive idling may be a sign of failed or broken hangers. If you feel drowsiness while driving, this may be a serious sign that fumes are leaking through the vents and into the cabin interior. Sharp odors are also signs that noxious fumes are leaking into the vehicle. Signs of rust or cracks in any component of your exhaust system indicate corrosion.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek a service sooner rather than later. Contact Ramona Tire today to learn more about our exhaust system repairs.

Types of Exhaust System Repairs

Motorists in Inland Empire can rely on Ramona Tire if they are experiencing issues with their exhaust system. Our ASE-certified technicians provide the following service:

Exhaust Inspection

Because the exhaust system is responsible for controlling your vehicle’s emissions, an inspection of the exhaust system is critical for your safety and the performance of your car. During an exhaust inspection, all components, including the muffler, catalytic converter, manifold, downpipe, and exhaust pipes, are visually inspected for damage and tested for proper working order.

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Because of the role they play in passenger safety and emission control, catalytic converters are important exhaust system components. Without a catalytic converter, your exhaust system would release poisonous and dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. A damaged catalytic converter must be replaced at the first sign of trouble. Clogged catalytic converters are also dangerous. If you try to accelerate but your vehicle fails to speed up, the catalytic converter may be clogged, which will quickly cause your engine to fail. The smell of sulfur also indicates a bad catalytic converter. Our technicans will conduct tests to determine the exact cause of a malfunctioning catalytic converter.

Center-Exhaust Section Replacement

A center exhaust system may need to be replaced for a few reasons. The catalytic converter may be failing or pipes may be corroded or clogged. Routine center- exhaust system inspections can prevent breakdowns and ensure proper exhaust system operating conditions. Being aware of the warning signs for impending center-exhaust section issues can help you determine the proper time for replacements.

Downpipe Replacement

Common problems with downpipes often result from leaks and internal corrosion. Worn exhaust system components, like the downpipe, should be replaced at the first sign of trouble. Most aftermarket downpipes are larger in diameter than the original equipment pipes they replace. Therefore, replacing your downpipe with an aftermarket downpipe can significantly reduce restrictions and positively affect engine horsepower. Improving the efficiency of the pipes composing the exhaust system will ultimately improve the condition of your engine and the performance of your vehicle.

Manifold replacement

A manifold replacement may be necessary if a member of our staff finds corrosion or other damage. If leaks or damage is detected during a service, your manifold will be replaced. Routine inspections of your vehicle’s exhaust system can prevent your manifold from failing and potentially allowing harmful fumes to reach you and your passengers. 

Muffler Replacement

Like most vehicle components, routine visual inspections can promote proper muffler maintenance, but there are signs to be aware of when considering the likelihood of a muffler replacement. Sometimes muffler repair may be necessary to replace a broken clamp or clasp, but over time, through periods of heavy use, mufflers may rust and rot. Other times, a muffler may be damaged by road debris. A bad muffler can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and rough idling. Our service staff can restore efficiency to your vehicle’s exhaust system by replacing a faulty muffler.

Damages to your exhaust system can be dangerous for your health and potentially cause further damage to your vehicle. At the first sign of trouble, schedule an exhaust repair at your local Ramona Tire shop.

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