Car Battery Service & Replacement

Our ASE-Certified technicians can take care of all of your car battery needs. We’ll make sure the battery in your car or truck is in top condition so you can always count on it in Southern California’s heat. Our battery services include:

  • A check of your starting and charging system
  • A check of your battery’s voltage level
  • An alternator test
  • Removal and proper disposal of your old battery and installation of a new battery
  • Alternator and starter replacement if needed

How Your Car Battery & Starting System Work

Your vehicle’s starting and charging system is involved in regulating multiple electrical processes to start your vehicle’s engine and keep it running. The starting system consists of the battery, a starter motor, and a starter solenoid responsible for starting the engine, while the charging system consists of an alternator and voltage regulator. The charging system is responsible for routing energy throughout the entire electrical process while sustaining the battery’s charge. The battery supplies the electric power necessary to start the vehicle. All components within your vehicle’s starting and charging system are necessary to ensure proper working order, and one bad link between them can render the entire electrical process useless.

Signs That You May Need A Car Battery Service

Contact Ramona Tire if your vehicle displays any of these signs:

  • Slow cranking engines
  • Dim headlights
  • Failed jump start
  • Clicking or growling noises
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Smell of burning rubber

The signs above may be indicator that there is an issue with the battery or charging system. If you experience these problems, allow our service staff to perform a starting and charging system check on your vehicle today. This test will let us know if you need an auto battery service or another type of repair.

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car battery serviceStarting & Charging System Check

The various components that make up your starting and charging system are not impervious to failure from constant use and wear. Warning signs for a starting and charging system include dim headlights, clicking or growling noises, and the presence of dashboard warning lights. During a starting and charging system check, our staff will review the voltage level of your battery, test your alternator, and look over your starter. An inefficient starting and charging system can lead to engine failure, which makes routine maintenance extremely important. Some components, like the battery, may give little warning before they fail. Our team combines the proper tools with extensive automotive knowledge to test and repair the components of your vehicle’s starting and charging system.

Battery Replacement

If you are having trouble starting your engine, visit us for a car battery service. We will determine if the battery is the cause of the problem and in need of replacement. In addition, our replacement service may be advisable even if your battery is currently working properly. Although new batteries generally perform well for the first three to five years before they are likely to malfunction; battery life can be shortened from extreme weather conditions or improper maintenance. Unless you have access to the right testing tools, there may be little warning that your battery needs to be replaced. Our staff has the necessary tools to review your battery’s performance. If our results indicate you need a replacement battery, we will help you through the process.

Alternator Replacement

An alternator is part of a vehicle’s charging system and an essential component in keeping a vehicle operable. When your alternator begins to malfunction, seek out professional help. Warning signs that your alternator requires repair or replacement will involve your vehicle’s electrical components. For example, a dashboard warning light may appear, or headlights may dim. In cases where the alternator begins making noise, it is possible that the belt is simply loose. The next time you suspect alternator issues, allow us to take a look and help get you back on the road again.

Starter Replacement

In addition to an inoperable engine, there are other factors that indicate a replacement is needed. If your starter is making a clicking sound that lasts momentarily or the crank is operating slowly, you may need to change your vehicle’s starter. We can look over your starter and review whether or not it is the culprit of current vehicular troubles. If you are unfamiliar with the type of starter your vehicle uses, we will help you find the right one for your vehicle make and model.

Servicing Inland Empire

Ramona Tire provides car battery services throughout Inland Empire including Mission Viejo, Hemet, Moreno Valley and the surrounding areas. Visit your neighborhood Ramona Tire  for an auto battery service today.

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