Ramona Tire & Service Centers Is Your Ontario Car AC Repair Headquarters

Come to Ramona Tire & Service Centers’ Ontario auto repair location for the highest quality car air conditioning service in the area. Ramona customers know they can rely on our professionalism and superb customer service, all delivered at a reasonable price.

Regular AC Inspections Save Time and Money

Bring your car in for regular inspections of the air conditioning system. This will save money by locating small problems before they turn into larger, expensive repairs. Let our technicians set up a regular schedule of inspections along with your other maintenance checks, like oil changes and tire inspections. 

Our AC inspection Includes:

  • Temperature tests 
  • Leak inspections
  • Coolant check
  • Hose fittings & compressor check
  • Performance test
  • Filter check

Air conditioning failures seem to happen at the least convenient time. Don’t wait until that happens—let the pros at the Ontario location of Ramona Tire & Service Centers keep your system in top working condition with regular inspections. 

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Common AC Problems

The AC system in your vehicle is a complex network of components, including the compressor, receiver and dryer, orifice tube or expansion valve, and filters. When one part of the system malfunctions, the experience of a professional air conditioning specialist is needed. Set an appointment at Ramona Tire, so you can be back on the road in comfort.

Two Of The Most Common AC Fixes:

The AC Filter Is Dirty 

Your filter has an important effect on the entire system. If the filter is blocked with debris, the blower motor works harder and can overheat. The blower will fail completely if the filter isn’t replaced. Changing a clogged air conditioning filter has an immediate and direct effect. 

When your AC system isn’t cooling the passenger cabin, you will turn it up higher. Your fuel economy drops, which then costs more money at the gas pump. There is also an  inside cabin filter which is often in a difficult place to reach. Our AC technicians can check and change the cabin filter, which will help inside the passenger cabin.

The AC Compressor Needs Recharging 

In many cases, an AC recharge is all that is necessary to get your system working properly. The compressor provides the power to push the refrigerant through the entire system. Another problem with the refrigerant is contamination over time to the point that it stops working. A car AC recharge means draining the remaining coolant and refilling with clean coolant. 

A drive belt is part of this process and the belt can fail, too. If the coolant is prevented from getting through the system due to a faulty belt, you won’t get the cool air you expect. 

Not many DIY mechanics can work on these complex systems. Our AC specialists will check the coolant, the hoses, the filters, and other parts of your car’s system and get you back on the road in comfort.

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