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Ramona Tire, Beaumont Ramona Tire, Beaumont
Manager: Jesse Arend
1488 2nd St
Beaumont, CA 92223

Retail, Commercial

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Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

If you were to compare your auto air conditioning system with that of a human, the AC's compressor would be comparable to the human heart. As the heart of the system, the compressor has the capability to keep the AC unit alive. It likewise has the capability to stop the device from running. Let's take a more detailed look at the heart of our auto air conditioning unit units, learning what it is that they do, as well as exactly what can fail if they become damaged. This can make a big difference between whether need auto air conditioning repair in Beaumont, CA or not. 

Auto Repair Center

Car manufacturers are producing ever more reliable cars, but it is inevitable that you will run into some problems with your car, and will need to take it to an Auto Repair Center to have these problems fixed. There are different types of repair center, and we will have a look at the services they can provide.

Auto Repair Service

When your vehicle is damaged, it will not only increase the expenses you have, but also cause additional stress for you, as you seek out a reliable auto repair service in Beaumont, CA. Since the city is filled with repair shops, it can be tricky to find that one place that you can trust with your vehicle. So how do you select the best choice that you have available? How will you ensure that they offer a quality auto repair service? Here are a few tips that can help you.

Auto Repair Shop

Every automobile owner comprehends the stress involved with automobile repair. You either have to invest a large amount of time trying to fix your issues yourself, or you need to take care of the trouble of taking your car to an auto service center. Both situations can get rather aggravating, however this short post will help make your experience a little less complex.

Auto Repair Stores

Along with the initial investment in a new or used car, when one is not well maintained, the resale value is adversely affected and that will mean a lower return on the investment when the time comes to sell or trade it in. In addition to that, a vehicle that is not dependable can become a safety hazard, as well.

Auto Service Center

Learning about auto repair can be your ticket to saving a lot of money, especially if you have an old car or one with several problems. This article will provide you with some great tricks that you can use for a lifetime. Automobile repairs are a fact of life for anyone who enjoys the privilege of driving. A good way to be prepared for unexpected problems is have an automobile savings fund. It can be in an account at your bank, or even just in a can hidden in your closet at home.

Automobile Repair

You should not wait for your car problems to disappear by themselves or hire an unqualified friend to fix them. Learn more about auto repairs so you can make educated decisions when your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. How important your car is can be enough to make you nervous when you think about automobile repairs. However, these tips can help you have a smoother experience.

Automotive Mechanics

There's a good chance you won’t have your vehicle for at least a day. You need to keep that in mind as you look over the options that you have. It will be important to get someone closer to you, so you don’t have to worry about taking long periods of time off to pick up your vehicle or to drop it off. You also need to be mindful of the hours of these professionals and determine if you can realistically pick up the car without having to make a special trip to leave work.

Automotive Repair

Since you are online looking for information, you probably have a problem with your car. The good thing is that this article was written to help you with that. It is important to do some research before doing any automotive repair or hiring a mechanic to fix your vehicle. Keep on reading if you want to learn what can be done when you're working on auto repair.

Automotive Repairs

Prices varies between repair shops, so be sure you compare them just as if you were shopping for anything else you need. After all, you do not want to pay more for repairs than necessary. Make sure the shop you go to is charging a going rate, instead of an inflated one.

Automotive Service

From flashers to headlights as well as your turn signal you possess lots of lights to pay attention to. Regularly, you should check the lights to ensure that they're operating at all times. When you most likely won’t experience too much issue with them, many of these lights do go out after 3 years of use and this can lead to costly tickets.

Brake Repair

Brake repair work must be leading priority on your car repair work list, due to the fact that if you experience a road problem, you need to make sure that your vehicle can make a fast, sure stop. A great deal of accidents that take place on the motorway are the result of faulty brakes, so it pays to fix the brakes on your car.

Brake Service

Now that you see the indications that you need Brake Services in Beaumont, CA , you also have to be mindful of the numerous components involved in present day brake systems. You have the master cylinder that pumps the brake fluid to each one of the braking system lines to each brake cylinder, so that the brakes will stop the car. This fluid has an extremely high boiling point to withstand the heat produced by the brakes.

Car Inspection

All hoses, belts and wiring beneath the hood also need to be inspected. If potential problems are noticed, the auto technician will suggest how much it might cost to exchange or repair them. In the event the vehicle repairs are more than the expense of the vehicle, it may be a good idea to take a look at another motor vehicle instead.

Car Oil Changes

Despite it being one of many cheapest and simplest things we can do for the vehicle, many people postpone a car oil change so long as they are able to. Even though it may appear like it isn’t everything that important, you will see that an ordinary oil change is important for your life of your car’s engine. Even a single missed change or driving an extra thousand miles can have an impact on your vehicle. That is why it is necessary you plan on altering your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Car Repair

Are you thinking about making car repair works yourself? It might appear challenging to do auto repairs yourself, but after you do it, you will find it is a fulfilling experience. Not just will you save cash, but you can likewise help your automobile last longer. The following suggestions will reveal you who need to do your automobile repair works in Beaumont, CA. Avoid mechanics who charge you for repair works that are not truly required. They should call you before doing any additional work. Avoid mechanics that have previously done work without your go ahead. 

Car Repair Shop

You can now discover vehicle service center in a few of the smallest towns, and most huge cities are home to at least 10 stores offering automobile repair products and full repair and maintenance services. Consumers who want to care for their vehicles without paying high dealer repair costs now depend on these auto service center for credible info, inexpensive rates, and services should keep their cars safe on the road. 

Car Shops

Everyone who owns a motorized vehicle can look forward to taking it in to be serviced at some time or other. There are even times when major issues arise and a good mechanic is the only person with whom you want to talk. The only question is whether it is best to take your vehicle to an independent mechanic or to a dealer instead.

Car Tires

Car tires are a very important part of your car. Having the right tires will ensure that your safety factors are maintained at all times on the highway. With lots of things to consider, it will probably be essential to be aware of the basics so that you can select the wheels that will best meet your needs.

Clutch Repair

As you no doubt already know, a clutch is a vital component of your motor vehicle, given that it’s essentially what allows your engine and your transmission to work in harmony with each other. There are two common types of clutches. The first type is a manual clutch which is located outside of the actual transmission, and needs to be engaged and disengaged by means of a foot pedal inside the vehicle. The second type is an automatic clutch located inside the transmission. As the name suggests, an automatic clutch shifts the gears up or down automatically.

Engine Repair

The engine is the most essential part of any automobile because you can not remain on the roadway if your engine is not functional. There are lots of things that can go wrong with the engine, so you require to work carefully with an engine service specialist to ensure your car lasts as long as possible. 


Once upon a time, everyone knew a mechanic down the road who would work on his/her car inexpensively and dependably. Numerous of us who are old enough to bear in mind those days learned all we know about autos from passing the tools to the mechanic and asking concerns while he would do the service. 

Muffler Repair

Everyone at one time or another has had muffler problems. Some are minor, while others may need to be replaced all the way up to the exhaust manifold. Because mufflers get extremely hot, then cold, the metal doesn’t last quite as long as other vehicle parts. They are also located under the chassis, and exposed to the elements. This means that the weather can play a major part in their deterioration. 

Muffler Shop

You can likewise get a visual by turning off the vehicle and putting on the emergency break. Then put a wheel chock in front of your front tire and start to raise the rear axle of your vehicle so you can see underneath the automobile. Guarantee you are putting on safety gear during this time. You will want to look over the muffle and the pipelines that surround it. When you are examining the area, it will be essential to keep an eye out for any black soot that is building up. If you see any around the pipes going to or from the muffler, or even the muffler itself, you will want to make a note of that and report your findings to the muffler shop when you take it in for maintenance. This info will prove to be useful to them when they are putting in the time to diagnose the issues with your exhaust system. 

Oil Changes and Oil Change Coupons

Anyone who drives a car ought to understand the basic care and upkeep practices that are had to upkeep it. Among the most important practices that everyone need to know about and comprehend is the oil change. According to vehicle producers, drivers must have the oil changed in their car every three to five thousand miles. Naturally, this is only a guideline. There are lots of various elements that can affect how commonly you need an oil change. 

Repair Shops

During those times when thenational and native, or personal economy is depressed, many people choose to maintain their existing vehicles rather than buy a newer model. This will help save money that can be used for other, more important things, like putting food on the table. Of course, having good transportation is important as well, and taking good care of the car is vital to maintaining the ability to get to and from work or other such activities. For that reason, finding a good auto repair shop is paramount to the success of this endeavor. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer scheduled maintenance is the trick to keeping your automobile in leading condition. This requires more than simply optimal performance in the here and now, however also works as an extremely efficient preventative measure against mechanical issues and internal damage in the future. Overlooking suggested service schedules can lead to a considerable loss of power, efficiency, and fuel effectiveness, as well as having an unfavorable effect on your car's safety and long life. 

Shocks, Struts and Suspension Service

Vehicle repairs are something that everyone fears. Why? Because when it comes to cost, everyone fears the worst - and rightfully so. Car repairs can be expensive. Not just do fix costs include part and labor fees, however they also help to pay for pricey devices and store charges. While a lot of car repairs can be put in the categories of high or reduced cost, shock and strut replacement is all over the map. Depending on the type of car you have, it can cost anywhere from $120-$5000 for shock and strut replacement. 

Tire Alignment

Routine maintenance is important for the life of your vehicle. While some people are good about changing their oil and filling the gas tank, there are other portions of your vehicle that also need to be taken care of. Other important items include regularly checking the brakes and even tire alignment. 

Transmission Repair

Strange "burning" smells, odd "clunking" sounds, leaks under the vehicle-- these are all indications that you could have a problem with your transmission. Anytime you observe anything odd about your car, you ought to take it in for an appointment instantly-- specifically when it comes to your transmission. Huge transmission problems can be rather expensive, so you wish to ensure that you catch them while they are still small and budget friendly. Let's take a closer appearance at what transmissions are, in addition to exactly what is associated with transmission repair works and services.

Wheel Alignment

If you struck a deep pothole recently while driving, or note that your car will not drive straight but keeps drifting off to the left side or to the right, then chances are it's time to take your vehicle in to obtain the wheels lined up. Wheel alignment must likewise be done after you change the suspension or steering parts on your automobile. Ramona Tire is equipped with an electronic wheel alignment machine that offers exact and accurate servicing, to make sure that your automobile will remain to function at its best.

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