Auto Repair in Ontario, CA, Demystified: Common Issues and Solutions

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Knowing What To Do When Your Car Has an Issue Can Save Time and Money

At Ramona Tire, we understand that it can be quite frustrating when your vehicle is experiencing strange symptoms that you may not understand. Some drivers drive in fear, often worrying if their car is going to suddenly break down, when the solution may be something as simple as a loose gas cap.

At Ramona Tire, we understand that many drivers are not car experts and don't always know what to do when their check engine light comes on, while other drivers may not realize that something is wrong with their vehicle. Our auto repair shop strives to provide exceptional auto repair services in Ontario, CA, while also providing insightful education that helps you enjoy a better understanding of your vehicle. Let's take a look at some of the most common automotive issues and find out what the solutions may be.

If your vehicle is experiencing problems and you're looking for quality auto repair in Ontario, CA, schedule service at Ramona Tire and enjoy expert care.

Common Car Issues

As your vehicle ages, its parts and components experience wear and tear. With routine maintenance, the need for auto repair can be minimized. Here are a few solutions to some of the most common car issues:

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Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is a yellow warning light that will illuminate if your vehicle detects a problem with one of its components. This cryptic warning light can be triggered by a multitude of possible anomalies that your vehicle can detect.

Below are a few potential solutions:

Retighten Your Gas Cap

The solution to a check engine light can be something as minor as tightening your gas cap or as serious as a failed catalytic converter. If your check engine light comes on shortly after refueling, we recommend turning your vehicle off, removing and retightening your gas cap, and driving for a few miles to see if your check engine light turns off.

Diagnosis Required

If this warning light remains illuminated, it's possible that something else has failed. To determine exactly why your check engine light is on, you'll have to bring your vehicle to a mechanic with the proper diagnostic equipment to decipher the fault code.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

Have you ever noticed that when you're traveling on a flat surface your vehicle needs constant correction to travel in a straight line? If you've ever let go of the steering wheel briefly while traveling on a flat surface and you notice that your car constantly pulls toward the same side, this may be a sign that it is due for service.

Below are a few potential solutions:

Wheel Alignment

Your suspension system absorbs impacts from imperfect roads, potholes, and speed bumps daily. In addition, as you turn corners and take curves on the highway, additional stresses and G-forces are put on your suspension as weight is shifted toward one side of your vehicle. Over time, these stressors can cause your wheels to ever so slightly move out of alignment. When this happens, you'll notice that your vehicle will begin pulling to one side. Evidence of your car’s need for a wheel alignment will be found on your tires if they begin to wear unevenly.

Underinflated Tire

If your vehicle pulls to one side, this doesn't always mean you need a wheel alignment. Sometimes, the reason can be something as simple as an underinflated tire. If one of your vehicle's tires is underinflated, your vehicle can tend to veer to one side. If you are ever unsure if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, we recommend you first check your tire PSI to ensure that all four tires are inflated to your manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Engine Won’t Start

Having a vehicle that won't start is extremely frustrating, especially because it seems situations like this happen when you need your car the most. However, the solution could be something as simple as a jump start.

Below are a few potential solutions:

A Jump Start

If your vehicle isn't responding at all when you turn the key, or if it's making a rapid clicking sound that sounds different than the normal starter, your car may be suffering from a dead battery. In this case, a simple jump-start may get your vehicle back up and running. Your vehicle's battery may die if it's been sitting for an extended period of time. If this is the case, your vehicle's alternator will recharge your battery after about 15 minutes of driving.

Car Battery Replacement

If your car battery has come to the end of its life (usually about three to five years), we recommend a battery replacement. After aging batteries have died, it is likely that they are not strong enough to hold a charge and will need to be jump-started again the very next time your vehicle is turned off.

Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice that your car is getting poor fuel economy, the solution may be something as simple as past-due maintenance, but it could also signify the need for auto repair.

Below are a few potential solutions:

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

If your check engine light is on, and you've noticed a sudden decrease in fuel economy, this is often attributed to a faulty oxygen sensor. An oxygen sensor's job is to determine how much fuel and air must be mixed into your engine for optimal fuel economy and performance. When these sensors fail, your vehicle will go into a fail-safe mode and mix more fuel into your combustion chamber, causing your car to consume more fuel.

Car Maintenance Due

If your check engine light is not on, but you're noticing that your vehicle is still consuming more fuel, the culprit may be maintenance-related, such as the need for an oil change or a new auto A/C air filter.

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