Best Car Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your vehicle with a solid maintenance plan will ensure it performs at its best for as long as possible. Ramona Tire and Service Centers employs ASE-certified technicians who know the best maintenance plans for your specific vehicle operating in the unique Southern California climate.

How To Keep Your Vehicle Running Reliably

Following the scheduled car maintenance plan recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer is the best defense for keeping your vehicle running at its best. The specific maintenance tasks performed can vary depending on the needs of each individual vehicle.

Routine car maintenance services can include:

  • Oil Changes: Oil changes are at the top of the list because they are one of the most important maintenance tasks you can undertake for your vehicle. As oil ages, it becomes dirty, which makes it less able to do its job, which then places more strain on your engine’s vital components. The interval for oil changes varies somewhat but generally you get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Note that using the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your vehicle can improve gas mileage by one to two percent.
  • Tire Rotation: Tire rotations help to keep tread wear even on your tires and also give our expert technicians the opportunity to closely inspect your tires for any problems.
  • Lubrication: Lubrication of the vital equipment that make up your vehicle’s chassis such as tie rods and ball joints helps keep these parts performing optimally for as long as possible. These components should always be checked during a maintenance visit and lubricated as necessary.
  • Brake Inspection and Replacement: Having your vehicle’s brakes checked regularly can help spot when a replacement or adjustment is required. This is not only important from a safety perspective, since when one part fails, it may start a domino effect that can end in major repairs. Brake inspection includes checking the pads, rotors, and fluid levels to make sure everything is within the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Overall Vehicle Inspection: Our technicians check hoses, belts, lights, spark plugs, filters, the battery, and a host of other components to help spot any issues before they become bigger problems down the road.
  • Wheel Alignment: Having your wheels in alignment will help maintain even tread wear and improve the handling of your vehicle. Any sort of pull one way or another or uneven/excessive tread wear are signs that it may be time for a wheel alignment.
  • Fluid Replacement: Transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and other important fluids should all be checked and replaced as necessary. These fluids are vital to keeping your engine’s various components working as they are supposed to.
  • Battery: Pay attention to battery life. Battery connections should be kept tight, clean, and free of corrosion. Batteries rarely provide warnings before failing, so be sure to seek battery replacements as necessary.
  • Climate Control System: Fully functioning climate control systems are important to your comfort and your overall safety. A complete flush and fill of the coolant system is necessary for ridding the system of dirt and rust collected from the engine, radiator, and various hoses. Refrigerants may also be checked prior to the onset of warmer seasons.

Car maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure your vehicle continues to run great and also to avoid unexpected issues. You can schedule your appointment online to bring in your vehicle for a routine maintenance service. 

How Car Maintenance Saves You Money

Routine car maintenance is vital to keeping your car in good condition and also gives our technicians a chance to look over your vehicle. By identifying any issues early, we can make small repairs and replacements instead of waiting until a failure causes more severe damage. 

Car maintenance also helps to save you money by increasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Maintenance services like changing your oil, properly inflating your tires, and changing your fuel filter all contribute to helping your engine run better which translates into greater fuel efficiency.

Schedule a Car Maintenance Appointment Online

We like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their vehicles in for service and get back on the road quickly. You can even book your appointment online so you only show up when it works with your schedule. Check for your nearest Ramona Tire and schedule your vehicle service appointment online now.


How can I save money on car maintenance service?

We love making our customers happy and do this by offering professional auto care at great prices, but we also offer special promotions and great deals on our coupons page. Remember to check this page often as the deals change.

Are there any car maintenance services I can do myself?

There are a number of different services you can do on your own, even if you don’t have a lot of experience or tools. Checking your oil level is a great place to start. After popping your hood, look for a yellow or orange circular handle which is your oil dipstick. Pull this out and wipe it on a clean cloth and then reinsert the rod. Pull it back out and note the level of oil on your stick. If it falls within the markings on the stick, you’re at an appropriate level. If you note that the oil is really dark, it’s a good indicator it’s time for an oil change. 

Another easy task is checking your tire pressure. Look at your driver’s side door panel for a sticker from the manufacturer. This will specify the appropriate air pressure for your front and rear tires. If you have a tire pressure gauge, you can use this to quickly check the pressure of each tire and fill up each tire as necessary. Most gas stations have digital air hoses making it easy to inflate each tire to the recommended pressure.

When should a car’s oil be changed?

We recommend having your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles. This interval can vary somewhat depending on the vehicle and the type of oil being used. For example, full synthetic oil will typically have a longer interval between changes than conventional motor oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the recommended interval specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. 

How important are filter changes for cars?

Your vehicle has several filters, including an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and cabin filter. Each of these filters helps to keep dust and debris out of their respective systems. When these filters get dirty, they simply can’t do as great a job which puts more stress on your engine. Car service should always include checking and replacing filters as required.

How long does car maintenance service take?

This can vary depending on what services are required for your vehicle and if any additional issues are found during the service. However, routine car maintenance service by our certified pros will typically be completed in under an hour.

What does ASE certification mean in car service?

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. This certification is extremely rigorous and requires technicians to prove they have mastered car repair and maintenance for an incredible variety of different makes and models. Our technicians are ASE certified so that our customers know their vehicles are being serviced by dedicated professionals at the top of their field.

Have additional questions we didn’t cover here? Please contact our team and our auto experts will be happy to assist.