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When you need car repair, the ASE-Certified technicians at Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Indio have you covered. You can count on the pros at our auto shop to provide the highest-quality customer service every time you visit us.

Our Indio location is your one-stop auto shop for everything from new tires and oil changes, to brake repair, car AC repair, wheel alignment, and much more.

More than tires: Complete car repair services.

Our inventory of top name-brand tires is just the beginning—we also offer you the same level of expertise that you would find at any dealership. Our technicians can service almost every system in your car or truck, including your transmission, fuel injection system, steering, suspension, and more. 

Preventative maintenance to keep you on the road.

The best way to protect your investment in your vehicle and make sure it stays ready to provide reliable transportation is with scheduled maintenance. Regular checks of your engine and tires lets our auto repair experts spot minor issues before they become major expenses or problems that leave you stranded.

Some of the preventative maintenance services we recommend include:

You can check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for a car maintenance schedule, or our technicians can recommend a schedule that’s right for the type of vehicle you have as well as your driving habits and regular driving conditions. We provide scheduled maintenance at various intervals from 15,000 to 105,000 miles. We also offer services such as spring and winterization checkups and wiper blade replacement to help keep your vehicle in top condition through any kind of weather.

Save money and time at Ramona.

We know how important it is to make car repair and other auto services as affordable as possible. That’s why we offer special promotions, rebate programs, and money-saving coupons on mechanical services, oil changes, and more. You can even sign up to receive the latest special offers in your inbox—simply complete the form at the bottom of our coupons page. 

Just print out your coupons and bring them in, or show your coupons on your phone at our Indio auto shop. And make sure to check back often, since we’re always adding new ways to save!

Shopping for new tires? Start your search at Ramona.

When it’s time for new tires, come to our Indio location for name-brand tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, Hankook and other manufacturers. We always have a wide selection in stock, and our tire technicians will be happy to help you select the new tires that are best for your vehicle and your budget.

Schedule your appointment online now.

We make it easy to get your auto repair needs taken care of. You can book an appointment or request an initial repair quote right online. Estimates are always free, and we provide you with detailed quotes before we begin work on your car or truck.

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Indio Auto Repair Shop FAQs

How often should I have my oil changed?

One of the key elements of preventative maintenance is keeping your oil clean and fresh by changing it periodically. By keeping your vehicle supplied with fresh oil, you can help prevent dirt and debris from building up in your engine. Typically, it is recommended that your oil and your oil filter be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

Changing your oil is just one part of preventative maintenance that should be handled by a professional auto shop mechanic. Come see our team in Indio for fast, affordable oil change service by our expert mechanics. While you’re here, we’ll be glad to provide a free tire rotation upon your request. We’ll also make it simple for you to get your oil changed with our Ramona Delivery Program: We will pick up your vehicle from a location within three miles of our auto shop and bring it back free of charge once your service has been completed.

What happens when my tires need replacing?

The tires on your vehicle are a major part of what keeps you safe on the road as they are what grips the road and help you drive safely. The most notable effect of old age on your tires is worn or thinning tread depth. Your tread depth should not be less than 2/32 of an inch deep and if it is, it is time to stop by a Ramona Tire & Service Centers to shop for some new tires.

It may be time to have our Indio auto repair shop check out your tires if you are experiencing:

  • A thudding noise when driving
  • Poor handling
  • Wobbling or drifting
  • Skidding when trying to accelerate or stop
  • A low tire pressure indicator

What does preventative maintenance mean?

Preventative maintenance is a series of minor auto repairs performed by auto shops to keep the health of your vehicle maintained and help you prevent a serious mechanical breakdown or costly major auto repair. There is a lot more to preventative maintenance than just having your oil changed. Other preventative maintenance auto repairs include:

  • Tire inspections
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid top offs
  • Belts and hoses checks
  • Air filter changed
  • Wheel alignment

Letting a professional auto shop handle these auto repairs can really help you to get the most out of the life of your vehicle. Book an appointment today and let our team of ASE-Certified mechanics handle all of your preventative maintenance on your vehicle.

What does it mean when my ‘check engine’ light is on?

Though this light is designed to be an indicator that there is something that needs attention, it can often be something that is easily addressed. Here at Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Indio, we can quickly diagnose the issue and perform any car repair you may need done. We’ll provide you with an estimate for approval before any work is done.

Our team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics have years of experience in everything car related and can handle any auto repair your vehicle throws at us. Whether your check engine light is on or you need repairs or preventative maintenance performed on your vehicle, book an appointment today at Ramona Tire & Service Centers.

How can I avoid expensive car repairs?

One of the best ways to avoid expensive auto service is to stay on top of your regular maintenance. Auto care, such as regular oil changes, battery service, and tire maintenance, are all great starting points to keep your car in good condition. When you have your car or truck under the care of a top-notch auto shop like Ramona Tire & Service Center, you are doing all you can to take care of your vehicle. 

As you look for an auto shop, remember that preventative maintenance is better than needing a repair from lack of care. In the long run, maintaining your vehicle is far cheaper than letting it go without the necessary maintenance. Ramona Tire & Service Center in Indio is here to help with all your auto repair and auto service needs. 

Are local auto repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

In your search for a quality car repair shop, you will likely find that a local shop will have better prices than the dealerships. Of course, it can vary from shop to shop, but in general, the local auto shop has a lot more to offer in the way of discounts and prices. An auto shop like Ramona Tire & Service Center will often have better prices because of reasons like those below:

  • Competition: A dealership isn’t likely in competition like the local shops are. This means the dealer can charge whatever they want without having to worry about overcharging their customers. On the other hand, a local shop needs to keep its prices competitive to stay in business.
  • Coupons: While a dealership will rarely have coupons and deals, a local car repair shop will almost always have specials and deals on their services.

What is the difference between auto service and maintenance?

While they are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences in maintenance and service. The most significant difference is the reason why they are needed. Maintenance is required on a regular basis to keep your vehicle in good condition. This may be preventative maintenance, an oil change, a brake inspection, or a tire rotation. These measures are taken for the upkeep and continued operation of your vehicle.

Auto service, on the other hand, is needed when something goes wrong or needs repair. You can think of auto service as a reactionary measure that you need to take when something breaks or needs to be replaced due to age.

Whether you need an auto shop for maintenance or an auto repair, our team is here for you. Book an appointment today, and let us handle all your auto service needs.

How do you shop around for auto repair?

When you start to look for the best auto shop, it can be overwhelming at first. But shopping around for auto repair doesn’t have to be a big deal if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Find a trustworthy auto shop: Remember, cheaper is not always better. Check for signs that an auto repair shop has good reviews and qualified mechanics. A good sign is if their website posts about being ASE-certified (like all our technicians).
  • Ask for quotes: Any car repair shops worth anything will allow you to ask for a quote before getting into the auto repair. If they insist you need to have an auto service done before offering any type of quote, run away.
  • Check out customer reviews: Customers with first-hand experience with an auto repair shop are one of your most valuable resources. Check out what they have to say about any auto service they have done at a prospective shop.

My check engine light is on. Will it be an expensive auto repair?

Not necessarily. There are many reasons why a check engine light comes on and not all of them indicate a major problem. It could be a sensor malfunction or something similar that can easily be fixed. Of course, running a diagnostics test is the best way to know what is causing the dashboard light. The Ramona Tire & Service Center team uses the latest diagnostic technology to pinpoint the specific issue in your engine.

When we run tests on your vehicle, we know what to look for and how to repair it. We’ll recommend any auto service you need after running a complete roster of inspections. No need to worry if one of our crew handles your auto service.

Can I get any discounts on auto service?

Absolutely! We know that auto service, especially an unexpected car repair, can throw a wrench in your budget. We offer deals and coupons on everything from tires and oil changes to brakes and alignments. Our coupon for 10% off any car repair can save you up to $150. These incredible savings can help you keep cash in your wallet when you suddenly need auto service.

Ramona Tire & Service Center promises competitive pricing, top-notch auto service, and expert car repair. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics can show you what a customer-first car repair shop looks like. If you need auto repair in Indio, Ramona Tire & Service Center is the perfect place.

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