Ramona Tire & Service Centers Brake Service and Repair in Indio, CA

Brake problems can’t wait. Your safety and that of your family and others with you on the road depend on your brakes working at top efficiency every time. Warning signs such as pulling to one side, vibrations, unusual noises or grinding, a spongy brake pedal, or a brake warning light on your dash means your car brakes need attention immediately. 

You can save money on more expensive brake repair bills later by bringing your car in for a complete diagnostic check. Our ASE-certified technicians will have you back on the road again quickly and safely. Don’t wait!

Additional Warning Signs of Brake Problems

Here are some additional signs that your vehicle's brakes need to be checked:

  • There are puddles of yellow fluid under your car.
  • Your brake pads are worn to less than a quarter inch thick.
  • The brakes don’t respond quickly.
  • The brakes seem overly sensitive. 

If you experience any of these warning signs, don’t wait to bring your car into Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Indio. Before you come in for your appointment, check our coupons and specials page for great values on brake work as well as other services.

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Save Money with Brake Inspections 

We recommend a brake inspection every six months or 6,000 miles. Why not combine this with your other routine maintenance checks to prevent breakdowns or emergencies on the road? Ask our service staff to work out a schedule that is convenient for you.

The routine brake inspection at Ramona Tire includes checks of these elements and more:

  • brake pads
  • rotors or drums 
  • brake calipers 
  • brake cylinder 
  • brake shoes 
  • brake pedal 
  • sensors 
  • ABS module 
  • brake lines

These diagnostic checks are more efficient and more accurate through the use of microcomputers designed for auto repair. This means more thorough, and often faster, inspections with a detailed print-out of any problems the inspection reveals. Our  mechanic will then explain these results to you and make recommendations for any necessary repairs. You will also get a written quote for any repair work being discussed. You can trust Ramona Tire auto repairs in Indio to provide the best value for the best service.

Common Brake Problems

The most common brake problems are:

  • Worn out brake pads, calipers, or drum
  • The master cylinder
  • Individual wheel cylinders 
  • Lack of brake fluid 

You can be sure that Ramona Tire & Service Centers can be trusted to repair your brakes reliably and efficiently. We are the brake experts! 

Ramona Tire’s Free Concierge Service 

Our free Concierge Service saves you time and allows you to carry on with your own schedule while your vehicle is being serviced. We will come to your home or office (within three miles) and drive your vehicle to the shop for its scheduled service. When the car is ready to be returned, we will sanitize it and return it to you. 

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