Ramona Tire AC Repair in Indio, TX

Avoid unnecessary repair expenses and keep your car air conditioning system working at top efficiency by scheduling routine inspections at Ramona Tire in Indio, TX. Our Indio auto repair center can combine many of your maintenance inspections to save you a great deal of time and money.  Speak with our professional service personnel to schedule an appointment with us today!

According to industry experts, the AC system in most vehicles loses about 5 percent of its efficiency a year. Bring your vehicle to our auto shop in Indio for regular diagnostic checks that will keep your car air conditioning unit performing at its best. . 

At Ramona Tire & Service Centers, an AC inspection  will include these steps:

  1. Performance test
  2. Condenser cleaning
  3. Compressor check 
  4. Leak detection
  5. Hose and belt checks
  6. Car AC recharge available

These inspections can locate small problems before they turn into larger, expensive issues. If a car AC repair needs to be performed, you will receive a written estimate and our AC experts will review it with you. 

Signs your car air conditioning system may need service

  • You see water inside the car, especially on the floorboard. There may be a blocked drain or hose in the AC system. This is a sign that the condensation is backing up inside the car, instead of draining.
  • You hear new or unusual noises, like rattles, clicks, or flutterings. Something may be caught in the system, or the condenser may be malfunctioning. 
  • Dampness inside the car may be causing unpleasant smells. As a result, mold or mildew might be growing in the AC system. 
  • The vent is not blowing cold air. This could mean that the condenser may be broken, or an AC recharge may be needed.

The AC systems in today’s vehicles are complex. It isn’t a system that many DIY mechanics can successfully repair on their own. Signs of trouble require immediate attention, so set an appointment for a diagnostic check. Don’t wait until the system fails, resulting in multiple parts needing to be replaced, or repaired all at once.

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Saving at Ramona Tire is easy

After booking any service at Ramona Tire & Service Centers, check our Coupon and Savings page! You will find many ways to save money on AC service, tires, alignments, brakes, oil changes, battery checks, and more. These specials and promotions change often, so check back before each appointment. 

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Ramona Tire provides convenience as well as value

Use our Concierge Service to get the scheduled work done on your car without disrupting your day. We will pick up your vehicle (within three miles) and perform the service or repair scheduled. Before returning it to you, your vehicle will be cleaned and sanitized for your safety.

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