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Oil Changes and Oil Change Coupons in San Jacinto

Oil Change Tips

All vehicles require the owner to take them in for routine maintenance tasks. One such task is that of the oil change. And if you want your vehicle to last for years to come, oil changes are an absolute necessity. Of course, the frequency of which you need to have oil changes depends on how hard and how often you drive your vehicle. On average, vehicle manufacturers suggest that you have an oil change every 4-6 months, or every 5 000 miles. By undergoing regular oil changes, you can better extend the lifespan of your engine and increase your safety while driving.

If you do not keep up with regular oil changes, you put yourself and your passengers at risk of accident. Not only that, but regular oil changes can help to increase the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. There are 3 different types of motor oil that you can choose from. Included within these are conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend.

The most commonly used type of oil is the conventional type. The main thing that makes conventional oil so popular is the price. The cheapest of the three motor oils, conventional oil is affordable for even those on a minimal budget. With that said, conventional oil is also the biggest pollutant of the three oils, emitting large portions of sulpfur into the air as it burns. In addition, it tends to degrade quicker than the other oils.

The second type of motor oil is synthetic. A man made lubricant, this type of oil is commonly used for sports cars. When compared to conventional oil, synthetic oil lasts longer and will therefore need to be changed less often. Keep in mind that not all vehicles can use this type of oil, so always be sure that it is compatible with your vehicle before using it.

Last but not least are synthetic blend oils. This type of oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional oils. Generally speaking, this oil is slightly more expensive than conventional oils, but less expensive than synthetic ones.


When you visit Ramona Tire, you are provided with a guarantee that eliminates the risk and increases satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about the company or their services, you can do so online before you visit them in person. 

If you do not want to pay for an oil change, you can always opt to go the do-it-yourself route. Those who enjoy tinkering, spending time in the garage, using tools, and getting greasy may prefer to try oil changes on their own. With that said, unless you are familiar with the process, working with hot oil can be dangerous. In addition, if the oil change is not done properly, could cause more damage than good. 


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