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Ramona Tire, Palm Desert Ramona Tire, Palm Desert
Manager: Scot Lynch
78018 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Retail, Commercial

Payments Accepted

  • American Express
  • Cash
  • CFNA
  • Debit Cards
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

AC is comprised of a compressor, condenser, receiver, expansion valve, and an evaporator. The compressor propels the coolant into the condenser and in turn brings it to the receiver. The receiver's job is to capture the excess moisture to prevent it from damaging the unit. Then, it travels to the expansion valve where the coolant is turned into a vapor and finally, to the evaporator where the vapor absorbs hot air as it blows cool air inside of the car. It is advisable to have your AC serviced annually.

Auto Repair Center

When you own a car, there are many times that it will malfunction or have other issues that need to be repaired. This is where an Auto Repair Center comes in handy. What do these centers fix on a car? Let's look at these centers closer to find out exactly how they can help you and your car. 

Auto Repair Service

Should you find that your auto has been damaged, you will not only have to deal with high repair costs, but the stress of trying to find the right auto repair service in Palm Desert, CA. With cities being filled with endless repair shops, it can be hard to find a place that you are comfortable working with. So how does a person find that perfect shop? Here are some things you can do to improve your chances. 

Auto Repair Shop

Every vehicle owner understands the stress involved with car repair work. You either need to invest a great deal of time trying to repair your problems yourself, or you have to take care of the hassle of taking your car to an auto repair shop. Both circumstances can get rather bothersome, nonetheless this short article will help make your experience a little simpler. 

Auto Repair Stores

Along with the initial investment in a new or used car, when one is not well maintained, the resale value is adversely affected and that will mean a lower return on the investment when the time comes to sell or trade it in. In addition to that, a vehicle that is not dependable can become a safety hazard, as well. 

Auto Service Center

To extend the life or your car requires diligence on your part to insure that parts wear out as slowly as possible. For a dependable auto, establish a routine of regular vehicle maintenance and inspections. Understanding the major principles is the first step in being more hands-on. The following article presents the basic information about servicing guidelines.

Automobile Repair

You might feel at a loss when dealing with automobile repair. If so, you do not have to accept your powerlessness. Read on for the information you need to know to take control of your auto repair situation. 

Automotive Mechanics

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, you are going to require the assistance of one of the professional automotive mechanics in your area. These professionals have the understanding and tools necessary to fix your car or truck and to get you back up and running on the road. But before you take your vehicle in to be serviced, make sure you focus on some of the important things about these professionals. 

Automotive Repair

Does the thought of automotive repair make you feel at a loss? If this is you, then there is no reason to continue on like that. Read on for the information you need to know to take control of your auto repair situation. 

Automotive Repairs

There are several types of automobiles today. Some are luxury vehicles and other ones even economy models. All of these vehicles have the same thing in common. They will need automotive repairs occasionally performed to keep operating properly. Understanding certain facts about these repairs will help you know precisely how to take care of your vehicle. 

Automotive Service

The brake system is going to help with keeping you safe and sound. When the pads on your brakes run low, it is harder to stop, especially in dangerous circumstances. When the brake fluid is low, you will encounter issues with rust and overheating. This can lead to a dangerous scenario when you are traveling down the road. 

Belt Service

Every automobile has parts that require belts to work correctly. The power steering pump is just such an example. Since they are exposed to heat and chemicals, belts require replacement more often than other parts. Visual inspection for signs of damage should be accomplished often to avoid unforeseen breakdowns. Visual inspections are recommended monthly and professional inspections on an annual basis.

Brake Repair

A conventional brake system consists of front disk brakes and drums or disk brakes in the back. The brake disks are connected by hoses and tubes to the master cylinder. Check fluids often to maintain appropriate levels. An additional point to remember is to have brake pads and brake rotors checked every six months.

Brake Service

There is one thing that you cannot have malfunction on your vehicle. That is your brakes! This really is clear to see, because if you can't stop your car, you're likely to have an automobile accident where you or any other individual could be injured. All of this implies that you must realise when you need to go to an auto repair shop for several Braking system Services to be carried out on your vehicle.

Car Battery Service

The battery provides energy to the starter, lights, ignition system, and engine. It is vital to make sure your battery and cables are free of corrosion on a consistent basis. Otherwise, it may hinder the vehicle's connection to the battery. It is also essential to check the fluids and check the connections to make certain they are tight. Recommend servicing is at time of oil changes.

Car Inspection

A car inspection for rust is going to be another thing to consider. What you may not realize is that even a little bit of rust on a motor vehicle that is not treated can turn into a high priced headache. As oxidation starts to spread, the price of repairs will continue to rise and could eventually keep your vehicle in a condition in which it won’t be cost effective to correct it. If you do have your heart set on the car and the auto mechanic examining it has seen the early phases of rusting, you could ask them just how much it will likely be to correct this problem, or have the seller deal with the concern. 

Car Oil Changes

Despite it being among the simplest and cheapest things we are able to do for our vehicle, many people delay a car oil change as long as they are able to. While it may appear like it isn’t all of that important, you will notice that a normal oil change is important for the life of your car’s engine. A single missed change or driving an extra thousand miles can have an affect on your vehicle. This is why it is necessary you intend on altering your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Car Repair

When problems happen to the vehicle you drive, it can be hard to know what to do about them. If you do not know much about car repair, then you need to learn a little bit about this topic. Keep reading to find out more about car repair and how to find a good Palm Desert mechanic. Keep track of how often you need to change your oil. It is essential to have your oil changed in Palm Desert so that your engine runs properly and and works at its peak performance. It can vary a bit between different vehicles and cars go much longer between oil changes than they used to. But you must do them when recommended. 

Car Repair Shop

You can now find vehicle repair shops in a few of the smallest towns, and many big cities are the home of a minimum of 10 shops selling auto repair products and full repair and maintenance services. Customers who wish to care for their vehicles without paying high dealer repair costs now rely on these automobile service center for credible info, economical prices, and services needed to keep their cars safe on the roadway. 

Car Shops

Anyone who owns a motorized vehicle can anticipate taking it into be serviced at some time or other. You can even find times when major issues arise and a good mechanic is the only person with whom you need to talk. The only question for you is whether it is best to take your vehicle to a independent mechanic or to a dealer instead. 

Car Tires

Car tires are a very important part of your vehicle. Getting the right tires will ensure that your safety is maintained at all times on the streets. With a lot of facts to consider, it will probably be essential to understand the basics so you can select the wheels which will best suit your needs. 

Clutch Repair

As you no doubt already know, a clutch is a vital component of your motor vehicle, given that it’s essentially what allows your engine and your transmission to work in harmony with each other. There are two common types of clutches. The first type is a manual clutch which is located outside of the actual transmission, and needs to be engaged and disengaged by means of a foot pedal inside the vehicle. The second type is an automatic clutch located inside the transmission. As the name suggests, an automatic clutch shifts the gears up or down automatically. 

Computerized Engine Analysis

Computerized engine analysis helps detect problems and consequently avoid expensive repairs. With new cars having so many modern features, a sophisticated analysis is the most highly efficient way to test everything. It is important to note that improper testing can damage a vehicle's electronic parts. Therefore, be certain to use an ASE certified technician. When your "check engine" light turns on, it is time for service.

CV Joint And Drive Axle

CV joints attach rotating shafts together allowing them to stay connected while the pivots change. The axle connects the front and back tires together. Both parts have a long life, but should be looked at carefully by a certified mechanic every two years.

Electrical Systems

Your car’s electrical system consists of the battery, starter, alternator, voltage regulator, solenoid, and the fuse panel. Each of these components is an essential part of any vehicle's electrical system. The alternator provides the electricity used to benefit from the charge formed by the battery. Recommended service is every two years.

Engine Repair

Engine services are basic maintenance such as changing the oil, checking air pressure, and a safety inspection. These minor services can help prevent or delay big repairs in the future. This is important to the life of the engine. Recommended service is every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Exhaust System Service

The exhaust system consists of pipes underneath the automobile linked to the catalytic converter and the muffler. The exhaust systems primary purpose is to direct fumes away from passengers and to lower noise-levels of the automobile. Recommended service is every two years.

Front End Service

The front end consists of parts that make up the steering system. This can be very simple or complex depending on the vehicle. A front end in good shape will provide a smooth ride. The opposite is true for one that is out of alignment. Recommended service is every five years.


In the distant past, everybody knew a auto technician down the road who could work on his or her automobile inexpensively and dependably. Many of us who're old enough to keep in mind those days discovered all we understand about autos from handing the tools to the mechanic and asking questions as they did the service. 

Muffler Repair

Everyone at one time or another has had muffler problems. Some are minor, while others may need to be replaced all the way up to the exhaust manifold. Because mufflers get extremely hot, then cold, the metal doesn’t last quite as long as other vehicle parts. They are also located under the chassis, and exposed to the elements. This means that the weather can play a major part in their deterioration. 

Muffler Shop

You can likewise get a visual by shutting off the automobile and putting on the emergency break. Then place a wheel chock in front of your front tire and start to jack up the rear axle of your car so you can see below the automobile. Ensure you are using protective gear during this time. You will want to look over the muffle and the pipes that surround it. When you are examining the area, it will be very important to watch out for any black soot that is building up. If you observe any around the pipes going to or from the muffler, and even the muffler itself, you will want to take down that and report your findings to the muffler shop when you take it in for repair works. This details will show to be useful to them when they are making the effort to identify the issues with your exhaust system.

Oil Change Service

The right type and weight of clean oil and a new filter keeps things functioning properly. An oil change will involve replacing old oil to the proper level, which will provide the optimal lubrication needed to keep engine parts from grating against each other and wearing down. Recommended service is every 3,000 miles.

Radiator Repair Service

The radiator, which is manufactured out of aluminum and contains a liquid coolant, is the cooling system for your engine. The aluminum helps the heat gradually disappear from the engine. A fan forces cool air into the radiator speeding up the process. The radiator is very significant in preventing the engine from overheating. Service is recommended annually.

Repair Shops

During those occasions when thenational and local, or personal economy is depressed, lots of people opt to maintain their existing vehicles as opposed to get a newer model. This helps save money which you can use for other, more essential things, like putting food around the table. Naturally, having good transportation is vital at the same time, and taking good care of the vehicle is vital to maintaining the opportunity to get both to and from work or other such activities. For this reason, choosing a good auto repair center is extremely important to the success of this endeavor. 

Shocks And Struts

If your vehicle handles badly it could be the condition of your shocks and struts. They keep the tires on the ground and prevent an automobile from moving unsteadily. Shocks and struts will eventually wear out under normal driving conditions. However, this wear happens more quickly when you drive on a rough terrain. Gravel and rocks can cause nicks and leakage which leads to eventual loss of performance. The recommended service is every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Tire Alignment

Routine maintenance is important for the life of your vehicle. While some people are good about changing their oil and filling the gas tank, there are other portions of your vehicle that also need to be taken care of. Other important items include regularly checking the brakes and even tire alignment. 

Tire Repair

Repairing tires concerns fixing punctures, tears, and replacing broken or faulty valve stems. Regular maintenance and inspections can avoid some issues. However, there is little you can do to avoid the unexpected damage to your tires. The best approach is to check your tires often when you park your vehicle. The recommended service is every 3,000 miles.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation helps tires wear evenly. The reason is the back tires endure distinctly different wearing factors than the front tires do. Consistent rotations extend the tires lifespan. Rotation patterns vary depending on the type of vehicle and tire. The important factor in all rotations is the exchange of the front tires position to the back position, thus accomplishing to a greater extent an even wear pattern. The recommended service is every six months.

Transmission Service

Transmissions are either manual or automatic. They both provide the same purpose. They provide power from the engine to the drive mechanism. It is vitally essential to check the transmission fluid on a regular schedule. Overlooking this can cause damage to the internal workings. The recommended service is every 30,000 miles for manual transmissions and every 60,000 miles for automatic transmissions.

Wheel Alignment

If your alignment is out of adjustment, it will affect the way your car drives. The angle in which a vehicle's tires touch the road has everything to do with how they are aligned. Without correct alignment, it will cause undue stress on a vehicle's tires. Computerized wheel alignment uses autonomous stub axles to ensure that all tires stay on the same center. Service is recommended annually.

Wheel Balancing

The purpose of wheel balancing is to allow the tires and wheels to spin without significant vibrations, which provides for a much smoother ride. To balance a wheel, it is mounted on a balancing machine to locate the heavy spots. To compensate for these heavier areas, weights are placed on the opposite side. The recommended service is whenever new tires are mounted.

Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Services:

  • 15,000 Mile (15K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30,000 Mile (30K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 45,000 Mile (45K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 60,000 Mile (60K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 75,000 Mile (75K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 90,000 Mile (90K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • Any Manufacturer Suggested Scheduled Maintenance Interval

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Ford Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chevy Scheduled Maintenance
  • Toyota Scheduled Maintenance
  • Honda Scheduled Maintenance
  • Nissan Scheduled Maintenance
  • Dodge Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance
  • GMC Scheduled Maintenance
  • KIA Scheduled Maintenance
  • Hyundai Scheduled Maintenance
  • Volkswagen Scheduled Maintenance

Deals on Tires in Palm Desert, CA at Ramona Tire

Are you looking for deals on tires in Palm Desert, CA? If so, you have come to the right place. Tires are the main part of every vehicle – without them, our vehicles cannot function. Similarly, if our tires are in poor condition, they can put our lives at risk. This is why it is so important that we replace our wheels when damage is incurred to them or when the tread becomes too thin. Unfortunately, replacing our tires is not always cheap. Tires can become quite expensive, so if you are looking for deals on tires, you are far from alone. One place that you can find great deals on tires in Palm Desert is at Ramona Tire. Let’s take a look at the different types of tires that Ramona offers and how you can get a great deal on them!

Ramona offers two basic types of tires; passenger tires and truck or SUV tires. Passenger tires can be found on most cars and are the most popular type of tire. There are many different types of passenger tires, the most popular being the all-season tire. These tires are designed to give adequate performance year round in any type of weather condition.

If you are looking for more specialized tires you would be looking for seasonal tires. The main downfall of this type of tire is that, as the seasons, they need to be changed as well. With that said seasonal tires offer better performance in severe weather conditions and are good options for those who live in locations that experience extreme changes in weather throughout the year. Truck and SUV tires are designed for exactly what the name implies – trucks and SUV’s. Like Passenger tires, truck and SUV tires also come in seasonal summer brands, seasonal winter brands, and all-season brands.

Ramona Tire offers a variety of different name brands but some of the most popular include Bridgestone, Firestone, Fuzion, and Hankook. If you are looking for great deals on brands such as these, Ramona Tire is your place to shop. As if Ramona’s low prices aren’t already enough, Ramona also offers a variety of coupons to help you save even more on your tires! These coupons can easily be found on the company’s website. A word of warning – these coupons expire monthly so be sure to check back often to see if there are any new coupons that can save you money on something you need!

If you are looking for deals on tires in Palm Desert, CA, Ramona tire is the place to shop! With a variety of different passenger, truck, and SUV tires to choose from, Ramona is one place that you can find anything you need – including great deals and coupons!

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