Palm Desert, CA Brake Service at Ramona Tire & Service Centers

Need expert brake service? Come to Ramona Tire in Palm Desert for the best brake repair in the area! Our ASE-certified specialists use the latest technology to inspect, diagnose, and repair the brakes in your vehicle. Unexpected brake problems are inconvenient, but they can also be very dangerous. So if you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s braking system, take action now to protect yourself, your family, and everyone on the road around you. Call or schedule online today!

Watch for These Signs of Brake Problems

Pay attention to these tell-tale signs of brake problems:

  • Squealing, thumping, grinding, or other strange noises
  • Experiencing “sponginess” in a brake pedal that depresses farther than normal
  • Braking accompanied by vibration
  • Yellow fluid leaking under the car
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Warning light on dash Illuminates

If you have a busy schedule, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to add brake problems to the list. So you can save time and money if you pay attention to these warning signs and resolve them before they become even bigger issues. Have a professional at Ramona Tire & Service Centers check it out for you right away. Our goal is to resolve the issue quickly and have you back on the road in no time.

Professional, Comprehensive Brake Inspections & Brake Repair

Our experienced, professional team at Ramona Tire offers a complete menu of brake services, including:

  • Replacing brake pads and shoes
  • Assessing the brake calipers and other related hardware
  • Checking and machining the drums and rotors
  • Checking fluid levels and refilling

Experts in the car industry have found that brake failure is often the result of owner neglect. If you ignore tell-tale signs of brake problems or avoid regular inspections of your brake system, it can be expensive and risky. Let our brake technicians inspect, diagnose, and repair your brakes as soon as a problem is discovered. 

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Routine Brake Inspections Save Time & Money

Your car brakes should be checked once every six months or every 6,000 miles. If you have questions about a maintenance schedule for your car or truck, ask our service staff to set a schedule based on your driving habits and manufacturer recommendations. 

Why not add a free brake inspection to other routine maintenance services, such as tire rotations or an oil change? 

Your Driving Habits Affect Your Brakes

Help your brakes last longer by adjusting and or changing a few of your driving habits:

  • Avoid quick, sharp stops as much as possible.
  • Don’t tailgate. It leads to sudden stops which wears brakes.
  • Don’t drive with one foot on the brake pedal constantly (automatic transmission). 
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads in the trunk and backseat.

Ramona Tire’s FREE Concierge Service Can Help

Don’t let an unexpected brake issue derail your day. Schedule a brake inspection and if your vehicle is within a three mile radius of our shop, you can use our FREE concierge service. We can pick up your vehicle and bring it in for inspection at no extra cost. If we discover any issues that need to be repaired, we will let you know. In addition, before your vehicle is returned to you, it will be sanitized for your safety. It’s that simple.

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