Do I Really Need To Invest in a Professional Oil Change?

auto mechanic pouring engine oil for an oil change

These days, Southern California drivers are more cost-conscious than ever. Because of this, there’s a decent chance that you’ve thought about handling some auto maintenance tasks by yourself — including oil changes.

While motorists in the area can safely take care of some auto maintenance jobs on their own, oil change service doesn’t fall into this category. Keep reading to learn exactly why you still need to invest in professional oil changes — and how to find an oil change service that’s truly worth paying for.

The Importance of Motor Oil

Without motor oil, your engine would be completely unable to function safely and efficiently. This fluid is responsible for:

  • Cutting down on friction. Motor oil lubricates your engine’s sensitive components, keeping friction to a minimum.
  • Reducing heat. Engines generate a great deal of heat while operating. Fortunately, oil helps to redistribute heat throughout your engine — keeping it from overheating in the process.
  • Cleaning the engine. While circulating through your engine, oil picks up dirt and debris so these particles won’t create blockages. Dirty oil is far less effective than clean oil, which is why it’s crucial for drivers to get regular oil changes for their vehicles.
  • Protecting against rust and corrosion. Along with its other benefits, motor oil can prevent corrosion and rust from forming on engine parts.

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Own Oil

Oil changes aren’t as expensive as some auto maintenance and repair services, but this work still comes at a cost. With that in mind, going the DIY route for oil changes might seem like a simple way to save money on maintenance work. However, we would strongly advise against attempting this on your own if you don’t already have a strong understanding of auto service.

To change your oil, you won’t just have to get under your vehicle — you’ll also need specialized equipment to do this job. While you’re attempting to change your oil, you might notice leaks or other issues with your vehicle; if that happens, you’ll have to schedule auto service at a local shop anyway. Finally, disposing of old oil isn’t as simple as pouring it down the drain. Instead, you’ll need to figure out how to get rid of this oil safely.

Considering all that, oil changes are a much more complicated task than most people think. That means the best way to address your oil change needs is to visit a qualified auto shop for this work.

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What Is a Full-Service Oil Change?

Any oil change will involve removing and replacing your vehicle’s oil. But that doesn’t mean all oil changes are equal — some shops stand out from the competition by offering additional maintenance services during their oil changes. These are known as full-service oil changes.

Tasks that should be included in a full-service oil change include:

  • Oil filter removal and replacement
  • Chassis lubrication
  • A multi-point vehicle inspection

Get the Right Type of Oil for Your Vehicle

A high-quality auto repair shop can also provide the right oil for your car. If you haven’t thought much about oil changes in the past, you might not believe this is a big deal — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The type of motor oil you use can significantly impact your engine’s performance and well-being.

The most popular oil types available today are:

Conventional Oil

This consists of crude mineral oil, which is partially refined to enhance its protective properties and overall viscosity. Conventional oil is a cost-effective option and can provide sufficient engine protection, but it doesn’t perform as well as alternative oil types. You’ll also need oil changes more often when you go with conventional oil.

Full Synthetic Oil

Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic oil is manufactured and refined in a factory or lab. Since it is required to meet incredibly stringent standards, this type of oil provides the best possible engine protection. Although it costs more than conventional oil upfront, you can wait longer between oil changes when using full synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

As you might expect, a synthetic blend oil is a combination of full synthetic and conventional oil. That means it can deliver better performance than conventional oil without costing as much as full synthetic oil. On the other hand, this oil type isn’t quite as cheap as conventional oil or quite as effective as full synthetic oil.

High-Mileage Oil

If your engine has been in use for 75,000+ miles, you’ll want to go with high-mileage oil. This oil’s manufacturing process is similar to that of full synthetic oil, but it is formulated specifically to prevent problems unique to older engines.

Know Where To Go for Oil Change Services

There’s nothing wrong with doing simple auto maintenance tasks on your own, as long as you know what tasks actually fit this category. While most drivers can replace their own windshield wipers, oil changes are much more complex than you might assume. Because of that, it’s best to leave this particular job to the professionals.

When they need a Valvoline oil change (or any other auto repair or maintenance service), Southern California residents visit Ramona Tire & Service Centers for this work. As the region’s most respected auto shop, we offer full-service oil changes from ASE-certified mechanics — not to mention low rates and online oil change coupons.

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