Auto AC Repair in Mission Viejo at Ramona Tire & Service Centers

Our ASE-certified mechanics are ready to take care of all of your air conditioning system service needs, whether you need a simple car AC recharge or more extensive repairs. We can inspect your system and get you back on the road quickly and in comfort.

Today’s vehicle air conditioning systems are complex. The AC technicians at Ramona Tire & Service Centers have the latest technology to diagnose your system. We will assess the problem, explain it to you, and then provide a free estimate. If auto AC repairs are needed, be assured that all our repairs include a nationwide warranty of three years or 36,000 miles. 

Regular Inspections Save You Time & Money

Adding AC inspections to your regular maintenance checks can prevent emergency breakdowns and can also save money on more extensive car AC repairs. Ask our service staff to set up a regular schedule of inspections and maintenance checks for all your vehicle’s systems. 

Our AC inspections include the following:

  • Inspect coolant level and all parts of the system: blower, belts, hoses, pressure cap, filter, and thermostat
  • Check interior temperature
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Look for  any damage to the system
  • Check pressure in the cooling system
  • Confirm manufacturer specifications
  • Test for refrigerant holes in system

Most people don’t have the tools or skills to fix today’s AC systems. Plus, a vehicle’s warranty is put at risk if you attempt repairs yourself. Have our factory-trained specialists maintain and repair your AC system and protect the warranty.

Replacement of Interior AC Filter 

If the interior air conditioner filter isn’t regularly replaced, it can result in a series of failures within your entire system:

  • As the filter gets dirty and clogged, the blower works less efficiently  
  • The blower motor works harder if the filter gets clogged, causing overheating in the system.
  • Poor fuel economy also results. 

Your Ramona Tire AC technician can check and replace this filter quickly if necessary.  

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Warning Signs of AC Trouble Ahead

Here are some red flags that might catch an AC problem early:

  • Watch for water inside the car. The floorboards are one of the first places you will see this. Moisture inside the passenger cabin can lead to odors and mildew growth.
  • Listen for fluttering or rattling noises.
  • Weak airflow might mean an object is stuck in the AC system.
  • Dashboard AC indicator light goes on.

Bring your car or truck to Ramona Tire auto repair in Mission Viejo if you experience any of these warning signs.  

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Take Advantage of Our Concierge Service

We offer our free Concierge Service to help make your car’s maintenance as easy as possible. We will pick your car up within three miles of our Mission Viejo location, service it, and then return it to you. It will also be cleaned and sanitized at all contact points before we return it to you. 

You can schedule this pick up/drop off service when you set your appointment for your car’s service or call Ramona Tire.