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Ramona Tire, Temecula (Redhawk) - Temecula, CA Back to Location List

Ramona Tire, Temecula (Redhawk) Ramona Tire, Temecula (Redhawk)
Manager: Fred Battaglia
31955 Via Rio Temecula Road
Temecula, CA 92592

Retail, Commercial

Payments Accepted

  • American Express
  • Cash
  • CFNA
  • Debit Cards
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioner (A/C) works by pumping Freon through the system. It is compacted and disseminated through the A/C. When it finally passes through the expansion valve, the Freon inflates and shrinks making it cold. The evaporator core then pushes the cool air through the inside vehicle vents. Yearly service can avoid expensive repairs.

Auto Repair Center

When you own a car, there are many times that it will malfunction or have other issues that need to be repaired. This is where a Temecula Auto Repair Center comes in handy. What do these centers fix on a car? Let's look at these centers closer to find out exactly how they can help you and your car.

Auto Repair Service

A damaged automobile not only invites a great deal of expenses, but also the stress of finding the best auto repair service in Temecula, CA. The city is full of auto repair shops but perhaps only a handful of them should be trusted with your precious car. The question now is: How can one possibly choose the right one among so many? On what basis should one judge auto repair services? Here are few things that must be kept in mind while searching for a great auto repair service. 

Auto Repair Shop

Every vehicle owner comprehends the stress included with automobile repair. You either have to spend a lot of time attempting to repair your issues yourself, or you have to take care of the headache of taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Both circumstances can get quite frustrating, nonetheless this article will assist build your experience a little easier. 

Auto Repair Stores

Even in a slow economy, it is not a good idea to scrimp on automobile maintenance and repairs. Even when you may be watching your finances carefully and seeking to cut the fat, auto repairs is not something that ought to be placed on the back burner. Doing so may and frequently does put a significant crimp in the spending budget unexpectedly when things suddenly go wrong. 

Auto Service Center

Many automobile difficulties can be avoided by regular maintenance. Becoming acquainted with the primary workings of your car can make pre-emptive repairs a larger part of its maintenance. The following are some guidelines to facilitate avoiding expensive repairs.

Automobile Repair

Your car is a huge investment you have to care for. Maybe you don't know much about cars and want to learn. If this is so, keep reading to find out about automobile repair. 

Automotive Mechanics

The professional mechanic should take the time to listen to what you have to say and then give you honest and accurate answers. Their goal is to build your trust and to avoid any additional work that may not be necessary. Make sure they speak with you about your vehicle and they go over all the details about what they are going to do. 

Automotive Repair

Do you have a car that is in need of automotive repair. Even if it doesn't now, you know how it feels. You might also feel immobilized occasionally over choosing the right course of action. Take the time to educate yourself. Keep reading to understand what you can do when your car needs repairs. 

Automotive Repairs

There are various types of autos today. Some are luxury vehicles and other ones even economy models. All of these vehicles have the same thing in common. They will need automotive repairs occasionally performed to keep operating properly. Understanding certain facts about these repairs will help you know exactly how to take care of your vehicle. 

Automotive Service

From flashers to front lights and even your turn signal you have plenty of bulbs to focus on. Regularly, you can examine the light bulbs to ensure that they're operating at all times. While you likely won’t encounter too much trouble with them, a number of these lighting do go out after 3 years of use and this can lead to expensive tickets. 


Belts are an important part of the engine. The engine is a source of power for accessories such as power steering. These accessories are operated by belts and pulleys. Visual inspections are important to catch belts before they need replacing. The first thing to look for is glazing or cracking. These can cause the belt to slip or break. Also, remove any fluid spills as this can cause the rubber to peel. Monthly visual inspections are an easy way to avoid surprises.

Brake Repair

Whenever you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid is released into an organization of hoses. It then travels to each wheel's braking unit. If air gets into the fluid, it breaks up the consistency resulting in making the brake pedal feel squishy and ultimately resulting in them not functioning properly. An easy remedy is to remove the bleeder screws from each wheel to release the air. Regular servicing every 20,000 to 40,000 miles should keep the brakes in good working order.

Brake Service Experts

Now that you see the indications that you need Brake Services in Temecula, CA , you also have to be mindful of the many parts involved in today's brake systems. You have the master cylinder that pumps the brake fluid to each one of the braking system lines to each brake cylinder, so that the brakes will stop the automobile. This fluid has an extremely high boiling point to tolerate the heat generated by the brakes. 

Car Battery

A battery can be sealed or unsealed. Distilled water will need to be periodically added to the unsealed battery. This is not the case with the sealed battery. Both types need to be cleaned on a regular basis with baking soda and water. It's important to disconnect the cables before cleaning the battery. Then, use the baking soda solution to clean away corrosion with a brush. Finish off by adding a small amount of Vaseline to the posts. Now, reconnect the cables. Doing this every few months will lengthen the life of your battery.

Car Inspection Pros

Obviously, before you even make it to the car inspection with your mechanic, pay close attention to the test drive. If you begin to notice that there are control problems from the start, even though they seem to be minimal, they can end up larger concerns before very long. Should you not be certain on something, you can always use a qualified look over the steering and figure out if the issue is that it is a automobile you are not accustomed to, or if there is something else happening. 

Car Repair

If you're like most people, you're probably not an expert when it comes to car repairs in Temecula. However, it is important to learn the basics, at least, so you know what to do when there is an issue. This article can help you navigate the confusing world of auto repair. Be sure that you get a written estimate whenever your repairs will be over a couple hundred dollars. Getting the estimate in writing can help you if ever you have to complain about the mechanic. Also, the mechanic won't be able to tack on additional expenses without talking to you first. 

Car Repair Shop

You can now find automobile service center in some of the smallest towns, and a lot of huge cities are the home of at least 10 shops selling automobile repair products and complete repair and maintenance services. Consumers who wish to care for their cars without paying high dealer repair prices now rely on these automobile repair shops for trustworthy information, affordable prices, and services needed to keep their cars safe on the roadway. 

Car Shops

Everyone who owns a motorized vehicle can enjoy taking it in to be serviced at some time or some other. You will even find instances when major issues arise and a good mechanic is the only person with whom you wish to talk. The sole real question is whether it is advisable to take your car for an independent auto technician or perhaps to a dealer instead. 

Car Tires

Car tires are a very important part of your automobile. Having the right tires will ensure your safety factors maintained all the time on the road. With a lot of points to consider, it will likely be important to comprehend the basics to help you select the wheels that will best meet your needs.

Clutch Repair

As you no doubt already know, a clutch is a vital component of your motor vehicle, given that it’s essentially what allows your engine and your transmission to work in harmony with each other. There are two common types of clutches. The first type is a manual clutch which is located outside of the actual transmission, and needs to be engaged and disengaged by means of a foot pedal inside the vehicle. The second type is an automatic clutch located inside the transmission. As the name suggests, an automatic clutch shifts the gears up or down automatically 

Computerized Engine Analysis

The "check engine" light means that it is time for a computerized engine analysis. The computer sends signals to different systems to identify the problem. It also checks the sensors themselves to ensure that this isn't the issue. While a "check engine" light doesn't require you to stop driving the car immediately, it isn't advisable to wait too long before getting it checked by a professional.

CV Joint And Drive Axle

CV joints link shafts that are rotating so they stay connected. Unless conditions are extreme or the boot bursts, it isn't necessary to service the CV joint. The drive axle joins each set of front and back tires together. Both the CV joints and drive axle are durable, so an inspection every other year is adequate.

Electrical System

Everything starts with the electrical system. Without it, your car will not start. The whole system should be inspected every two years. In between inspections, it's important to clean any corrosion from the alternator and battery.

Engine Repair

In between tune-ups, it's important to take care of the smaller repairs such as changing the oil and spark plugs. A vehicle's owner's manual will have a checklist to follow along with the proper timeline. If the "check engine" sensor should light up, it's important to have the engine checked immediately. Other than that and the minor repairs, every 30,000 miles is a good timeframe to have the engine checked.

Exhaust System

If the exhaust system has leaks, it can cause lightheadedness or headaches. The system includes the catalytic converter, a muffler, manifolds, EGR valves, oxygen sensors, and pollution tubes. It also includes various pipes such as the tail pipe. Inspection by a certified professional every other year should avoid most problems associated with exhaust system failure.

Front End

If a vehicle starts to drift to one side or the other while driving on a level straight road, the alignment is off. An alignment done properly is what gives you that feeling of a "smooth ride." A front end alignment every five years should be sufficient. However, even hitting a curb or hole in the road can make an alignment necessary.


Previously, everybody knew a mechanic down the road who could easily work on his or her vehicle inexpensively and dependably. Many of us who are sufficiently old to remember those days learned all we understand about cars from handing the tools to the mechanic and asking concerns as they would do the repairs. 

Muffler Repair

Nearly everyone will fidn that they have to deal with muffler repair in Temecula, CA at some point, whether it is a minor problem, or one that requires extensive amounts of repair. As you probably know, they tend to become extremely hot, and then become extremely cold. That being the case, they wear out faster than most other parts on the vehicle. They also have more exposure to the elements, than other parts, and will take a much greater beating. 

Muffler Shop

The need for an automobile exhaust repair work can be stressful for people. The second an odd sound starts up, there can be some concern with taking the automobile into a muffler shop presuming that the repairs will cost you a number of thousand dollars. The what's what is that numerous sounds don't represent muffler problems and if you do require a repair it will not cost you as much as you think. Take a minute to take a look at how to figure out if your car requires a brand-new muffler by yourself. Just remember that there will not be a better more efficient approach than having the expert muffler store in your area examine the system. 

Oil Changes

Oil is the lubricant that keeps things moving along in your engine. Without it, engine parts will grind together. Low levels of oil or dirty oil aren't good for the engine and will hurt a vehicle's performance. It will also impact how many miles you get to the gallon. It's important to check the oil monthly and change it every 3,000 miles. If you notice that the oil looks very murky, it's time to change it. Clean oil, is light and translucent.

Radiator Service

The radiator keeps the engine from burning out. The aluminum tubing of a radiator aids it in dissipating engine heat. In addition, it has a fan and is filled with coolant. It's important to check the coolant often. More often, during hot weather. If you notice the car overheating even after adding coolant, it's time for an inspection. However, a regular inspection of every two years should prevent most issues.

Repair Shops

During those times when thenational and local, or personal economy is depressed, a lot of people choose to maintain their existing vehicles instead of buy a newer model. This will help reduce costs that can be used for other, more valuable things, like putting food on the table. Obviously, having good transportation is essential also, and looking after the car is essential to maintaining the opportunity to get both to and from work or other such activities. For this reason, getting a good auto repair center is paramount to the success of this effort. 

Shocks And Struts

How a vehicle handles depends on its suspension system. The shocks and struts are an integral part of this. A decreased functionality in the brakes or steering is a sign of a problem with the suspension. If you remember to check this every time you get an oil change, you should be able to avoid any issues.

Tire Alignment

Routine maintenance is important for the life of your vehicle. While some people are good about changing their oil and filling the gas tank, there are other portions of your vehicle that also need to be taken care of. Other important items include regularly checking the brakes and even tire alignment. 

Tire Repair

It's important to visually inspect the tires on a regular basis to catch any issues before getting on the road. In addition, it's important to have them closely inspected every few thousand miles. Most tire centers will repair and check the pressure for free. It's worth taking advantage of this service. If every tire doesn't have even pressure, it impacts the way the car drives as well as the life of the tires. If you are proactive, your tires will last longer.

Tire Rotation

Front and back tires do not face the same conditions and thus wear differently. Tire rotation is the easiest way to help them wear evenly. If you do this twice a year, it will ensure the lifespan of your tires as well as providing a smoother ride.

Transmission Repair Services

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, the principle is the same: to send power to the drive mechanism. The main reason for failure is fluid degradation. That's why it's important to have the transmission fluid replaced every 30,000 miles. It's important never to add new transmission fluid to the old fluid. This will only make the problem worse by causing blockage and ultimately transmission failure. If you perform regular maintenance, you can avoid more costly repairs.

Wheel Alignment

An alignment involves correcting the wheels slant to make them parallel to one another and vertical to the ground. This service will lengthen the life of the tires and keep the car driving straight. Having the wheel aligned every year is optimal.

Wheel Balancing

Wheels that spin without vibrating offer a smoother driving experience. Luckily, this isn't something that is required very often. It is however mandatory whenever you mount new tires. Beyond that, you'll know when it's needed if the seat, steering, or floorboard vibrate or shake.

Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Services:

  • 15,000 Mile (15K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30,000 Mile (30K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 45,000 Mile (45K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 60,000 Mile (60K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 75,000 Mile (75K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 90,000 Mile (90K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • Any Manufacturer Suggested Scheduled Maintenance Interval

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Ford Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chevy Scheduled Maintenance
  • Toyota Scheduled Maintenance
  • Honda Scheduled Maintenance
  • Nissan Scheduled Maintenance
  • Dodge Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance
  • GMC Scheduled Maintenance
  • KIA Scheduled Maintenance
  • Hyundai Scheduled Maintenance
  • Volkswagen Scheduled Maintenance

Quote on Tires in Temecula, CA at Ramona Tire

To prevent road accidents drivers must put emphasis on the quality of tires. No matter how modern the type of car or how skilled the driver is, still the tires play an important role in safety upon driving.

Quote on tire prices is based on the quality and how the tire handles in certain conditions. Of course when the tires are of high quality so is are the handling characteristics such as the ability of the tire to dissipate the heat, the wear on the treads, the bearings on the wheel and the ability of the tire to prevent punctures.

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