Expert Car AC Repair in Rancho Cucamonga

When your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t keeping you cool, come to the Rancho Cucamonga location of Ramona Tire & Service Centers for the best car AC repair near you. Our ASE-certified mechanics will diagnose problems in the system and recommend any needed repairs. 

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Protect Your AC System With Regular Inspections

Add a regular AC system check to your other maintenance checks at Ramona Tire & Service Centers. Preventative air conditioner maintenance can help us spot any problems before they become a significant expense.

Our professional technicians will:

  • Determine the cabin temperature 
  • Make sure the cooling system pressure is correct 
  • Look for leaks or damage to hoses and holes in refrigerant lines
  • Assess whether the belt on the compressor needs to be replaced
  • Inspect coolant level in the radiator, pipes, cap, and thermostat
  • Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the AC system

Know the Signs of Trouble in Your AC System

The main sign of trouble is water collecting in places it shouldn’t be, such as on the floorboards inside the car. Any unusual dampness could signal an AC issue and excess moisture can lead to musty odors and mildew growth inside the car. 

Also listen for fluttering sounds or other unusual noises. Weak airflow means there is a blockage somewhere in the system that needs to be checked. And, finally, if the AC indicator light illuminates on the dashboard, let our car AC experts check it out as quickly as possible. 

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Common Problems in a Car’s AC System

The major parts of a car’s AC system are the compressor, expansion valve, condenser,  and evaporator. Here’s how they can fail:

  • Refrigerant might be leaking out. Our technician will locate the leak and then do an AC recharge, which means to fill up the refrigerant. Once that is done, you’ll be back on the road in comfort.
  • If steam is coming from the vents, along with a sweet odor, the heater core may need attention. It may need to be replaced due to corrosion.
  • The age of your car may mean the AC system needs to be retrofitted for the newer refrigerants used today. 

The professional staff at Ramona Tires can determine the problem and get you back to work as soon as possible.

Try Our Free Concierge Service

Your time is a valuable commodity; Ramon Tires respects that so has instituted our free Concierge Service. We will come pick up your vehicle, within three miles of the shop, and bring it in for its scheduled service. Prior to returning it to you, we will sanitize it and clean all contact points for your safety. It’s as easy as that.

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It’s easy to schedule your AC repair or AC check with Ramona Tire & Service Centers. Book your appointment online and be sure to check for money-saving coupons and special deals before you come in.

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