Murrieta Car AC Repair

Your car or truck’s air conditioning system will keep you comfortable longer with regular service from our ASE-certified technicians. Avoid unnecessary repair bills by scheduling an AC inspection when you bring your vehicle in for other routine work at your Murrieta Ramona Tire & Service Center. 

Your vehicle’s AC system loses efficiency every year, but you can help your system last longer by bringing your vehicle to our Murrieta auto shop for a diagnostic check that includes these steps and more:

  • Performance test
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Compressor check 
  • Leak detection
  • Hose and belt checks
  • Car AC recharge available

Our trained AC repair technicians can help you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs in the future.

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Signs Your Car AC System May Need Servicing

There are signs that indicate trouble with your AC system before you notice that it isn’t blowing cold air. These include: 

  • Areas that feel wet inside the car or water on the floorboard: This may indicate a blocked drain or hose, which can cause the condensation that is normally routed to the exterior of your vehicle to back up inside.
  • Unusual noises inside the car: Clicks, rattles, and fluttering sounds may indicate that something is caught in the AC system. Odd sounds may also point to a malfunctioning condenser. 
  • Musty smells coming from the AC blower: This could be a sign that mold or mildew has begun to grow somewhere in the system. If you or your passengers have allergies to mold or mildew, don’t wait to have your car AC checked at our Murrieta auto repair location.

Vehicle AC systems are complex with many parts relying on each other. It is important to address signs like these so the damage can be stopped and repaired quickly. Our professional AC technicians will perform a diagnostic check and provide you with an estimate of repairs as needed.

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Convenience and Value

We can help save you time with our free Concierge Service. Simply schedule your appointment online and indicate you want to use our Concierge Service. We will come pick up your vehicle (within three miles) and perform the service or repair scheduled at our shop. Before returning it to you, all contact points will be cleaned and sanitized for your safety.

The best car AC repair near you is right around the corner at Ramona Tire & Service Center’s Murrieta location. Book your AC service appointment online today.

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Murrieta Car AC Repair FAQs

What are some signs that I need car AC repair?

You should definitely be able to tell when your auto AC is no longer putting out cool air as it should be. Though a lack of cool air is certainly an indicator that you may need a car AC recharge, your vehicle will also give you other signals such as:

  • Wet spots in the vehicle, which could indicate a leak in the AC system
  • Rattling, wheezing, or whining noises, as this could be a malfunctioning condenser or loose AC component
  • A musty or mildew-like smell.

Any of these auto AC issues need to be looked at and may require car AC repair. In Murrieta, you do not want to be caught without a properly functioning car AC. Book an appointment at Ramona Tire & Service Centers and let our team keep your auto AC running smoothly.

When do I need to have my AC filter replaced?

The period between changing your AC filters will be determined by your specific vehicle and can be found in your owner’s manual. When you bring your vehicle to our Murrieta auto shop, we can check your AC filter to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Even though replacing your auto AC filter is not always your first priority when it comes to auto care, it is an important component to keep in mind. Leaving an AC filter that is filled with debris in place can make the cabin air unhealthy, cause your AC to be strained, and lead to a need for further car AC repair.

What auto AC repair services do Ramona Tire & Service Centers offer?

Ramona Tire & Service Centers is so much more than a tire shop and offers a wide range of auto repair services, including a full car AC system inspection that entails:

  • Fully inspecting the system performance
  • Cleaning the condenser
  • Inspecting the compressor
  • Checking for any leaks throughout the whole AC system
  • Inspecting your hoses and connections’ tightness.

Whether you need car AC repair, an auto AC inspection, or just need a car AC recharge, contact us at the Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Murrieta or the closest location to you, and let us take care of your auto AC needs.

Why does an auto AC compressor stop working?

The compressor in a car AC unit is a key component of its functionality and is the air conditioning workhorse. Because there are several moving components to the AC compressor, these parts can wear out or become less effective over time. Some of the reasons these components may wear out are:

  • Low or lack of lubrication on the moving components
  • Seizing or malfunctioning of the clutch in the compressor.

Though you could have your compressor repaired, replacing the whole component will typically be the most cost-effective. Let Ramona Tire & Service Centers replace your failing car AC compressor. Bring in your car, truck, or SUV today, and let us have you feeling cool and comfortable in no time.