Murrieta Car Brake Service

When your brakes aren’t working properly, repairs can’t wait. If you hear unusual noises from your brakes or wheels, notice sponginess when stopping or a pulling to one side, or feel unusual vibrations, it’s time to come to the best brake service near you, Ramona Tire & Service Center in Murrieta.

Routine Brake Checks Can Save Money Later

Our expert ASE-certified technicians offer routine inspections of your brakes to ensure they’re safe and reliable. We recommend having your brake system checked every 6,000 miles or every six months and we’ll be glad to add a brake check when you’re in for other routine service appointments, such as an A/C check or oil change. 

Ramona Tires & Service Center’s brake maintenance service includes:

  • Check brake pads
  • Determine condition of rotors or drums
  • Inspect brake calipers
  • Check the brake cylinders and brake lines
  • Inspect brake shoes
  • Determine if sensors are working
  • Check ABS (anti-lock braking system control) module

During routine maintenance checks, the discovery of any problems in your braking system can save you higher repair bills later. We use the latest technology to give you the best possible service and keep you and your family safe on the road. 

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Choose Your Murrieta Brake Service for Repairs

Your car has an alert system to let you know your brakes need attention. An indicator, called a shim, will give a high-pitched screech during braking to tell you that your pads need to be replaced. As soon as you begin to hear this noise regularly, call or book an appointment online to have it checked out. 

Here are some common indicators of faulty brakes:

  • A growling noise or grinding sound is caused by the metal discs and calipers rubbing against each other. The rotors then get scratched and either have to be evened out (“turned”) or replaced.
  • A pulsating vibration in the brake pedal can mean either an alignment problem or the brake’s rotors are warped. Our technicians can assess the situation and tell you which it is.
  • Fluid leaking from the car onto the ground or garage floor usually means trouble. Brake fluid looks a lot like oil, so it’s hard to tell what the problem is without having a mechanic check it out. 
  • Pulling to one side when braking can mean a problem with the brake fluid reaching the wheels or the fluid may be dirty. 

It is easy to ignore signs of minor brake trouble, but your family’s safety is too important to ignore. The problem may not be as extensive as you think, especially if you take care of it right away. Bring your car in and let our brake experts look at it. 

And remember: We offer a life-time warranty on all labor as well as a free car wash before returning your car to you.

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Murrieta Brake Service FAQs

How do I know if I need to replace my brake fluid?

Though the period between times when you need to replace your brake fluid will vary by specific vehicle and driving habits, your vehicle can give you certain signs that it is time to replace your brake fluid. Some of these signs may include:

  • A warning light on your dashboard indicating that your anti-lock brakes system (ABS) needs attention.
  • A noticeable hesitation in your brake pedal, your brake pads do not function as normal, or your brakes feel less responsive.
  • An odd noise coming from your brakes.
  • A burning or chemical smell from your brakes.

If any of these issues is occurring, it may be indicative of dirty or worn-out brake fluid that needs to be replaced. Book an appointment and let our team check out your brake fluid.

What makes up the brake system?

The brake system consists of many different components to make sure that your vehicle will stop in time. These components include:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake shoes
  • Parking brake cables
  • Brake rotors or drums
  • Other components

Though the braking system is not the most complex system in your vehicle, it is one of the most vital to maintain properly and ensure correct operation. The brake system is your first defense against an accident and is crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. If you are in need of brake service or just feel like there is something off with your brake system, book an appointment or simply bring your vehicle by Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Murrietta to keep you safe on the road.

When do I need to have my brakes inspected or repaired?

Knowing when to bring in your car or truck to have a brake inspection or some brake repair done is a key part of owning and operating a vehicle. As you use your brakes, the brake fluid, brake pads, brake calipers, and brake rotors begin to wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the signs that you need to have your brakes serviced are:

  • A grinding or crunching noise while braking.
  • Hesitation or failure to engage when pressing on the brake pedal.
  • Sputtering or skipping when braking.
  • Burning or chemical smell from your brakes.
  • A check-brake indicator is illuminated on the dashboard.

Any of these signals are indicators that you may need brake repair or to have your brakes serviced.

Where can I bring my vehicle to have my brake service performed?

Finding a quality brake-service center near you doesn't have to be challenging. You want to make sure you find the right one that will provide great service and be convenient for you. Here at Ramona Tire & Service Centers, we offer excellent brake service with multiple locations in places like Murrietta, Riverside, Redlands, and more. Check out all our locations to find the Ramona Tire & Service Center that is most convenient for you.