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Our specialty is routine tire maintenance

We’ll help you keep the tires on your car or truck in top condition. Bring your vehicle into Ramona Tire for a routine tire inspection and see the difference. 

Our tire specialists will:

  • Check the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Rotate the tires
  • Balance the wheels
  • Repair or replace the tires
  • Inspect wheel bearing
  • Check tread for unusual wear

The recommendation in the tire industry is to have your tires inspected every 5,000 miles. Problems can be detected early this way and that means you will avoid dangerous situations later.

The tire specialists at our tire shop can also advise you if the recommended schedule is right for your tires and your driving habits. Sudden stops and starts, extremes of temperature in the area, and road conditions can affect the life of a tire. Consult your tire’s warranty as well.

Can this tire be fixed or should I replace it?

A tire can be safely repaired under these circumstances:

  • If there is a single puncture of  ¼ inch or less in diameter 
  • If it’s in the tire tread
  • If there are multiple punctures and they cover a wide area 

However, a tire must be replaced if

  • there is a separation in the tread, 
  • there is a puncture in the sidewall
  • if there are multiple punctures over a larger area of the tire. 

For your safety, tires with these issues must be replaced. Ask one of our tire experts to help you select the new tire that’s best for your vehicle. 

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Rely on Ramona Tire & Service Centers for tire replacement

It can be overwhelming to pick out new tires. Let our tire specialists help sort through the choices. We carry an extensive selection of tires and we always offer the best prices of any tire stores around. You can choose from one of the leading brands and find just the right tire with the help of one of our tire experts. 

Save time with our Concierge Service 

Statistics show that the majority of Americans know how to change a flat tire. But your time is valuable so let us bring your car in for this service.   

Our free Concierge Service can make it happen. We will come to your home or office (within three miles of our shop) and bring your car in for servicing. Before returning it to you, we sanitize it to make sure you and your family stay healthy and safe. 

You can have it all at Ramona Tire & Service Centers. Book your appointment online today.

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How often should my vehicle’s tires be rotated?

Generally, every 5,000 miles, but sometimes a rotation can wait until around 10,000 miles. The difference depends on what the tire manufacturer recommends. Another factor is keeping the tires properly inflated to protect tread life. A 4-wheel drive vehicle might need one rotation frequency while a front-wheel drive may need another. One way to be certain that you are getting the most from your tires and keeping tire repairs to a minimum is to make an appointment at the best tire shop in Moreno Valley, Ramona Tire, and let our service staff help. Our tire stores are tire specialists!

How often do tires need to be replaced?

Another general guideline is that tires be replaced every six years, regardless of how many miles they have on them.

Consider the usage of the tires first, though. If the car has been sitting in a garage and isn’t driven often, the tires tend to degrade. Driver habits also affect frequency of replacing tires. Do you drive on rough roads regularly, do you take corners fast, or do you tend to brake at the last minute?

It is also important to keep tires properly inflated. Uneven wear is caused by over- and under-inflation. Wear means quicker replacement might be needed. Because of this, it is recommended that drivers check tire pressure every month.

Why do tires have to be balanced?

Tire balancing keeps tires from wearing unevenly. When you visually check your tires—ideally, every month—look for wear that is spotty in places. Maybe you see wear along the outside (or inside) of a tire. In order to keep the wear from getting any worse, make an appointment at Ramona Tire for a tire inspection. It’s possible the wheels have become out of balance, which is easily corrected at the shop.

What size tires should I buy?

Check the manufacturer’s recommendation first. Whatever size tire was put on the car when purchased is the obvious choice.

You also need to know where to find this information on the car and how to interpret it.
Take a look at the side of your tires and you’ll find a sequence of numbers and letters. Here is a quick explanation using the example P205/55 R15:

  • The letter P refers to the type of tire, in this case a passenger tire.
  • The first number (205) expresses the width of the tire in millimeters.
  • The second number (55) is the tire’s height as a percentage of its width (aspect ratio).
  • The letter R tells us that the tire is a radial.
  • The final number (16) is the diameter of the rim the tire gets mounted on.
  • Use Ramona Tire’s calculator as another tool to help!

What is the correct tire pressure for my vehicle’s tires?

Look inside the driver’s door. You should find a Tire Information sticker, which will have the details you need about your tires. You will also find the information in your owner’s manual.

Why should I buy my tires from Ramona Tires?

The particular brand of tires you buy will be the same no matter where you buy them. What is different is the customer service delivered at your Ramona Tire shop in Moreno Valley. Our auto specialists can take care of all your car care needs, including monitoring your vehicle’s current tires and then helping you pick out new tires.

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