Ramona Tire & Service Centers Car AC Repair in Moreno Valley, CA

There is no need to face the heat of Moreno Valley with a faulty air conditioning system in your car or truck! Ramona Tire & Service Centers’ professional auto technicians in Moreno Valley can help with regular diagnostic checks and high-quality repairs of your car or truck air conditioning system

A diagnostic check of your car air conditioning system includes:

  • Testing of the overall performance of the system
  • Cleaning the condenser
  • Assessing the compressor  
  • Checking for any leaks
  • Checking all hoses and belts

And a car AC recharge (coolant refill) of the system is available if necessary.

Over time, a car’s AC system loses about 5% efficiency yearly. By scheduling regular inspections, you can help your AC system last as long as possible. 

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Warning Flags for Your Car’s AC System

In between the regular inspections of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, watch for these signs of possible AC problems. Head off any major problems before they happen when you notice these signs:

  • A malfunctioning condenser often makes unusual sounds. 
  • Clicks, rattles, flutters, or any other unusual noises when the system is running might indicate something caught in the AC system. 
  • A drain or hose might be blocked which leads to water collecting inside the car, specifically on the floorboards in the front passenger area. Water can’t drain from the AC system like it should, so it is backing up inside the car.
  • You notice musty smells coming from the AC vents. Mold or mildew could be growing inside the system which can be dangerous to you and your passengers. 

Book an appointment to have your car air conditioning system checked right away. If you delay, damage can be done to the system that might lead to expensive repairs. A technician might be able to quickly remove leaves or other debris from the vents. Or an AC recharge of the coolant in the AC system can have you back on the road in comfort.

But if repairs needed are more extensive, you will receive a written estimate and have a chance to ask questions of our service staff who can explain what is needed. Don’t delay! 

Ramona Tire & Service Centers Delivers Superb Value 

Unexpected repairs of a vital system in your car can be a shock to your household budget, so we offer several ways to help you save on service and repairs:

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Car AC Repair FAQs

When do I need to bring in my vehicle for AC repair?

An AC system that’s not blowing as cold as it once did is the most obvious indication that it may need repair. There are several other signs, however, that should prompt you to have your car AC looked at. These include:

  • A wheezing or groaning noise when the AC is turned on.
  • Moisture on the inside of the vehicle after the AC has been running.
  • Fowl, wet smelling odors on the inside of a vehicle.
  • Lack of cold air flow.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, make an appointment with our Moreno Valley auto AC repair mechanics. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate on any needed repairs.

How does Freon help my AC and what is it?

Freon is the cooling, nonflammable gas that uses evaporation to refrigerate the air within your vehicle’s AC unit. As your AC system’s compressor compresses the Freon, rising pressure first makes the Freon hot. It then passes through coils that cool it and then turns into a liquid. An expansion valve further cools the Freon to the point that it evaporates and returns to being a gas. The gas is run through a filter that removes pollen, dust and other substances before the cooled air comes through your car’s AC vents.

Although Freon doesn’t burn up, the tubing in AC systems eventually wears out, which can lead to leaks and the need for an AC recharge.

Can I fix the AC in my car myself?

While there are some car air conditioning repairs that you could potentially perform on your own, we strongly recommend letting a professional auto mechanic take a look at the issue. Our ASE-certified auto AC repair mechanics utilize sophisticated diagnostic software, specific tools, and a wealth of experience to make sure the job’s done right. While you could add more Freon, you may be misdiagnosing the actual issue that’s at the core of the problem. There could be any number of issues within the AC unit of your vehicle and it is always best to have someone with experience handle the issue. There is also the potential to make a simple issue worse by using the incorrect tools, repair method or replacement parts, which could prove disappointing and expensive. 

How do I know when I need to change my AC filter?

Although changing your AC filter can be easily forgotten, it is an essential part of maintaining the health of the AC in your vehicle. With a clean AC filter, you can help avoid poor air quality inside the cabin and keep yourself comfortable.
Refer to your owner’s manual for a specific time frame and book an appointment at a Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Moreno Valley to have our team of ASE-certified auto mechanics handle all your AC repairs and maintenance.