Ramona Tire & Service Centers Car AC Repair and Maintenance in Hemet

Ramona’s ASE-certified technicians aim to keep you comfortable year-round with regular inspections and servicing of your vehicle’s AC system. Why pay unnecessary repair bills and face the heat of Hemet? Bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic check that includes:

  • Test of the overall performance of your system
  • Cleaning of the condenser
  • Thorough check of the compressor  
  • Check for any leaks
  • Check of all hoses and belts
  • AC recharge of the system is available if necessary

Experts estimate that a vehicle’s AC system loses about 5% efficiency every year. You can help your system last as long as possible with regular inspections at Hemet’s Ramona Tire & Service Center.

Red Flags for AC System

Between your regular diagnostic checks, watch for these signs of AC problems. Let us take a look and head off any major issues before they happen:

  • Clicks, rattles, fluttering, or any other unusual noises when the system is running. This may mean that there is something caught in the AC system. A malfunctioning condenser often makes unusual sounds, too, so it’s best to have it checked out right away. 
  • A collection of water inside the car, specifically on the floorboards in the front passenger area. A drain or hose might be blocked. This causes water to back up inside the car instead of draining outside the vehicle.
  • Along with water collecting inside the car come musty smells from the AC blower. Mold or mildew could be growing inside the system. It isn’t a pleasant smell and it’s dangerous to you and your passengers. 

Don’t delay. Schedule an appointment to have your car air conditioning system checked before damage is done to the system that may lead to expensive repairs. The remedy may be a quick removal of leaves or other debris in the vents or a car ac recharge to have you back on the road in comfort. If repairs are recommended, you will be given a written estimate by a technician who can explain what is needed.

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Your day is planned and then your AC system stops working. Let us help; with our concierge service we will come to your home or office (within three miles of our shop) to get your car. Once the scheduled work is completed, your car will be cleaned and sanitized for its safe return to you. 

It doesn’t get any easier than that, and it’s free. Book this service for your Hemet car AC repairs now!


Hemet Car AC Repair FAQs

When should I seek car AC repair?

There are several signs that it may be time to make an appointment to have your auto AC looked at. You know your car best, and if you start to feel like your car AC is not working as well as it used to, this could be an indicator that the car AC may need some work or repair. Some other signs may be:
  • A musty smell as this could be a sign that there is a leak somewhere in the AC unit
  • A wet spot inside the passenger cabin. This could be another sign of a leak or some malfunction with the coolant
  • A wheezing or other strange noises coming from the car air conditioning unit
Keeping your auto AC unit functioning properly is a must during the warmer times of the year for comfort and safety. If you are experiencing car air conditioning issues, book an appointment at Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Hemet or the nearest location and let us keep your auto AC running smoothly.

What is freon, and what is its purpose?

Freon is a cooling chemical used in HVAC, refrigerators, and car AC units to create a synthetic cold temperature. This refrigerant in car air conditioning units is compressed and runs through a series of coils throughout the whole system of the car AC to produce the cold air that is blown into the cabin of the vehicle. One of the consequences of low freon levels is that your car AC will not be able to produce cool air, and it may start to feel like the air is warm or room temperature. Having low freon levels means that you may need a car AC recharge and would need to come to an auto shop to refill your freon. Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Hemet can quickly assess your car AC and perform your car AC repair in no time. Schedule your appointment today and let us keep you cool and comfortable.

Where can I take my car for car AC repair?

You should find an auto service center that is convenient to you and trustworthy. Ramona Tire & Service Centers offer multiple locations for your convenience and boast nothing but the best service for car AC repair, brakes, preventative maintenance, and more. Whether you are in Hemet or another area, there are always Ramona Tire & Auto Centers nearby. Check out all our locations and make us your home for car AC repair.

What car AC repair services does Ramona offer?

Ramona Tire & Service Centers offer many auto AC services such as:
  • Car AC repair
  • Condenser cleaning and checks
  • AC system performance inspections
  • Checks for leaks, hoses, and connections
  • Car AC recharge
Whatever reason you have to bring your vehicle to Ramona Tire & Service Centers, our team of expert mechanics will give you a great auto service experience. Bring your vehicle in today to our Hemet auto shop for all your car AC needs.