Questions to Ask When Selecting a Commercial Fleet Service Provider

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Commercial Fleet Service Provider

Selecting an auto repair center to look after your business’ fleet of vehicles is a little more complicated than simply choosing your personal mechanic. The center will be responsible for not just one vehicle but all of the vehicles your business uses. If you’re in the process of selecting a commercial fleet service provider, use these questions to find a good auto center.

Will a Single Person Serve as the Main Point of Contact?

While an auto repair center will likely have multiple technicians servicing, repairing, and towing your business’ vehicles, all communications should be channeled through a single person.

Having only one person serve as the primary point of contact streamlines communication and gives the person an opportunity to better understand your business’ needs. In short, it provides your business with a more convenient and higher level of service.

Moreover, designating a single point of contact doesn’t prohibit you from talking to the technicians that actually work on your business’ vehicles. You’re still welcome to speak directly with technicians about what they see and recommend when you need to. The point of contact simply helps facilitate all services and additional conversations.

An auto repair center that’s set up for commercial fleet service will understand how important communication is and appreciate the value that a designated contact person provides. They’ll not only be happy to designate someone but will likely already have an account manager in mind who will serve in this role.

How Are Service and Repair Authorizations Handled?

To further keep communication clear, the auto repair center you choose should have a specific way that they handle service and repair authorizations. Having a single method ensures that you fully understand what work is recommended, and they can clearly see what work your business has authorized.

The best way to handle these authorizations is through a standardized work authorization form. Such a form can be filled out in person, sent through the mail, emailed, or faxed depending on what’s most convenient. Whatever method is used, the form provides a written record so there’s no confusion.

What Geographical Area Does the Center Serve?

In order to make sure that vehicles can always be serviced by your contacted auto repair center, look for a center that services the entire area where your business’ vehicles drive. For example, you should choose a repair center that services the entire city and surrounding suburbs if those are the places where your business’ vehicles go.

When a repair center services everywhere your business goes, you know the center will always be able to service broken-down vehicles. The center might send a technician out for on-site repairs or tow a vehicle to their shop. Either way, they’ll definitely be able to do the work no matter where a vehicle is when it stops working.

If a repair center doesn’t service the entire territory that your business covers, you could end up having to find another repair shop if a vehicle breaks down outside the contracted center’s service area. Finding another repair center is inconvenient and could result in a different experience than your preferred center provides.

What Hours is the Repair Center Open?

Regardless of what hours your business keeps, seek out an auto repair center that has extended hours. The center you choose should be open in the early morning or evening, as well as on at least one weekend day.

Using a center that has extended hours ensures that your business’ vehicles can be repaired quickly even if they break down outside of normal business hours.

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