Convenient Car AC Repair in Riverside, CA

Keep cool despite the heat with expert AC repairs from Ramona Tire & Service Center’s Riverside location. Enjoy special savings on our AC Service, which includes:

  • Checking your compressor
  • Cleaning your condenser
  • Conducting a performance test
  • A leak check
  • Tightening belt and hose connections

We also offer a complete evaluation and recharge service. Book your appointment online today, and check our coupons page for ways to save on all of our Riverside auto repair services. 

Signs That You May Need Car AC Repair

A car AC that’s not blowing cold air is the most obvious sign that it’s time for repair, which may be as simple as replacing a clogged filter. There are other warning signs, though, including:

  • Odd sounds: Although the blower should whirr, there shouldn’t be clicking sounds, rattles or flutters. If so, this could indicate a condenser problem or something caught in the system.
  • Musty odors: These are another warning sign, and can mean mold or mildew is growing because of high levels of condensation. People with allergies are especially prone to having health issues because of this, although everyone should address it promptly. 
  • Moisture: If you notice water on the floorboards or elsewhere in the interior of your vehicle, this could mean an AC drain or hose is blocked, causing water to back up. The moisture that your AC system removes should drain to the exterior of your car or truck.

In each of these cases, it makes sense to have a professional technician take a look. Air conditioning systems in vehicles are more complex than they used to be, with more parts. Electronic components typically require tools that most DIYers wouldn’t have. Plus, if you attempt repairs yourself, this could void your vehicle’s warranty coverage. 

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Concierge Services

If you search for “car AC repair near me” and discover that you’re within three miles of one of our service centers, you can take advantage of our free concierge service. We’ll pick up your vehicle, perform the auto AC repair, and then return it back to you. 

Stay Cool With Regular Maintenance Service

Even car or truck air conditioners that are running perfecting will lose about five percent of their efficiency every year. To make sure you’re not unexpectedly without a cold AC system, schedule an AC check with the factory-trained, ASE-Certified technicians at Ramona Tire in Riverside. 

Make an Appointment at Ramona Tire & Service Center in Riverside.

We’ll perform a complete inspection of your system and then we’ll provide you with a free estimate, detailing recommended services. Whether that’s an AC recharge or the repair of an element, we’ll get to work so you can ride in comfort again.

Whenever you need auto repair for your vehicle in Riverside, make Ramona Tire & Service Centers your headquarters for professional car care at reasonable prices.