The Auto Repair Shop Guide to Car Repair

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Keeping up the condition of your vehicle through auto repair and preventative maintenance is something every car or truck owner should be conscious of. Consistent auto service and car repair can help prevent major issues, increase the life of your vehicle, and keep you safely on the road.  

There is a lot that goes into making sure your car is running smoothly every day. But what happens when something goes wrong? When you need car repair, you want to know what went wrong, how it can be repaired, and how much it will cost. Auto repair is something we all have to deal with from time to time and you want to choose the right car mechanic for your auto repair needs. 

Basic Car Repair and Auto Services

Servicing your vehicle is a common need that should be done periodically throughout the life of the automobile. While some repairs and services may only occur infrequently, others, like preventative maintenance, should happen regularly. Some common services are:

Tires, Brakes and Alignment

Let’s start at the ground level and work our way up. A good foundation of properly rotated, maintained, balanced and inflated tires will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and on the road longer. Keeping your tires in good condition helps boost fuel economy, increases road safety, and will help extend the life of the tires. 

A crucial component of auto repair is making sure your brakes are in great working condition. Good working brakes are just as important as a running engine and brakes should be routinely checked, serviced, and replaced. Over time and with use, the effectiveness of brakes will lessen. Aging brakes are dangerous and can cause an accident. Be sure your brakes are operating as they should by having them regularly serviced. 

Ensuring that your tires and wheels are properly aligned helps to keep your vehicle from pulling to one direction, keeps the wear on your tires even, helps keep you safe, and boosts fuel economy. Alignment services should be part of every car maintenance list.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining the performance of your vehicle through consistent auto service is very important for the longevity of your vehicle. Regular visits to the auto shop for oil changes, brake inspections and tire rotations will all help to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years. Staying on top of regular car service and repairs are a necessity for proper vehicle performance. In addition, regular auto service will increase the value of your vehicle and get you ready for resale when the time comes. 

Changing your oil routinely will remove the engine sludge and dirt that builds up in your vehicle’s engine and will help cool the engine components. With a clean engine, your mileage will increase and the lifespan of your engine will be lengthened. 

Larger Potential Issues

When it comes to car repair, every vehicle owner hopes that nothing too serious will go wrong. While it is not always the case, sometimes there is a larger issue that requires the attention of a trustworthy car mechanic. These issues can include engine problems, transmission issues, and air conditioning malfunctions. 

When something more serious goes wrong, it is crucial to have expert hands working on your auto repair. Engine trouble or transmission repair can be expensive, but having an inexperienced car mechanic doing the car repair can make it even more so. Be sure that your auto repair shop features ASE-certified mechanics with the know-how and the experience necessary to work on such important parts of your vehicle. 

What to Look For In A Car Mechanic

With so many options for auto repair shops and car mechanics, it can be tough to get a good sense of a trustworthy place to go for your auto repair and auto service. You want to know that your vehicle is in good, expert hands and that the service will be affordable. Like any service, you will want to look at the credentials of your car mechanic. 

ASE-certification is the gold standard of car repair expertise and car mechanics with these credentials will be a reliable source for your auto repair and auto service needs. 

Warning Signs Something is Wrong in Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has many ways of letting you know that something is not right and that it may be time to have your vehicle serviced. Apart from service lights on your dashboard, there are several things that you should look for as a sign that some auto service is needed. Abnormal sounds, handling, odors, and gear shifts are all indicators that there is something wrong.

One of the biggest indicators of a problem is an abnormal sound while driving, idling, or starting your engine. You may hear a rattling, a grinding noise, a rumbling sound, a thudding or a loud revving noise if there is something not working as it should. Any of these noises may require a visit to your auto repair shop. 

Feeling the way your vehicle handles and drives is an excellent way of knowing when you may need to visit the car mechanic. If you feel a lurch when shifting gears, rhythmic bumping, or pulling to one side, you should probably seek out an auto repair shop

Other indicators can be odd smells from the engine or air conditioner, seeing fluid deposits on the ground after parking, or noticing a drop in fuel economy. While some of these can certainly be subtle changes to notice or keep watch over, it may be very important to seek out a professional car mechanic for your auto service. 

What to Expect When You Come In 

Generally, when visiting any auto repair shop, there will be a few things that can be expected. First, you’ll be asked for details on the issue and the reason for the visit. If you have made an appointment with your car mechanic already, this may have occurred during that process. It will help the auto repair shop if you tell them all that you have observed and what conditions the issues have occurred under. 

Next, your car or truck will be inspected and diagnosed. The vehicle will be connected to a computer to run some diagnostics. You may be able to wait while this is done or may need to leave your vehicle with your mechanic. 

Once the vehicle issue has been diagnosed, the mechanic will let you know what issues they have found and what would be required to repair them. 

Make the Right Call

With so much at stake with your auto repair needs, let our team of ASE-certified car mechanics handle your auto service. Our experienced team here at Ramona Tire & Service Centers has the expertise to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. Contact us to make an appointment today! Let us show you how over 45 years of providing trusted auto service makes us a great choice for auto repairs. 


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