Expert Brake Repair at Ramona Tire & Service Centers in San Clemente, CA

Are your brakes in need of repair? Is it time for a brake inspection to prevent problems? Bring your vehicle to the best brake repair and maintenance shop in San Clemente: Ramona Tire & Service Centers.

The ASE-certified auto professionals at our San Clemente auto shop can diagnose and repair any brake issues you may have with your car or truck. We have been in business in Southern California for over 45 years. Come experience the difference in auto care!

Routine Brake Inspections at Ramona Tire

It is easy to put brake problems off until a more convenient time. Don’t compromise your safety or the safety of your passengers by waiting. You can also avoid expensive repairs by having the brakes in all of your vehicles inspected regularly.

A routine brake inspection at Ramona Tire & Service Centers includes assessing each of the following:

  • brake pads
  • rotors or drums 
  • brake calipers 
  • brake cylinder 
  • brake shoe 
  • brake pedal 
  • sensors 
  • ABS module 
  • brake lines

Our brake mechanic will go over the result of the inspection with you. If additional repairs are recommended, you will be given a written estimate of the work needed. And, as always, you will be given the best value in the San Clemente area.

Most auto experts recommend a brake check every six months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Ask our service staff to set up an inspection schedule that’s right for your vehicle. And to save time, add a brake check to other maintenance services, such as an oil change or ac inspection.

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Warning Signs of Brake Problems

When you notice unusual noises, grinding, vibrations, a spongy brake pedal, pulling to one side, or a brake light on your dash, pay attention! All of these warning signs could mean danger ahead. Make an appointment at Ramona Tire & Service Centers to have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

Here are some other indications that your brakes need attention:

  • Puddles of yellow fluid on the surface under your car
  • Brake pads less than a quarter inch thick
  • Slow response from the brakes
  • Overly sensitive brakes

Ramona Tire & Service Centers uses the latest automotive technology in its shops.This means accurate diagnosing and high-quality repairs like replacing pads and shoes, lubricating calipers, and machining drums and rotors. 

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Did You Know?

Ramona Tire has a free pick up and drop off service! Unexpected brake issues can ruin your day, so take advantage of our Concierge Service. We will come to your home or office (within three miles of the San Clemente shop) to pick up your vehicle and bring it in for its scheduled service. When the work is completed, the car will be sanitized and cleaned before it is returned to you. 

Schedule today at Ramona Tire, the best brake service in San Clemente!