Redlands, CA Oil Change Service at Ramona Tire & Service Centers

If it’s time for oil change service in your car or truck, come to the best oil change service in Redlands at Ramona Tire. Our professional oil changes include:

  • Replacing the oil filter if necessary
  • Lubricating the chassis
  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Adding up to five quarts of oil 

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Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles Protect Your Vehicle’s Engine

Most industry experts recommend oil changes for your vehicles every 3,000 miles or every three month. It is easy to put oil changes off. Your life is busy and there are usually not many signs of engine damage until it’s too late. But if the oil running through your engine is dirty or the oil filter is clogged, engine parts are wearing down out of sight. The oil thins and soon becomes abrasive to your engine. A clogged filter can lead to overheating and engine seizure. 

One way to avoid this problem is to let Ramona Tire’s Redlands auto repair service staff add regular oil changes to your other routine maintenance visits. This saves time and can stop small problems from becoming huge repair bills later.

Changing the oil and filter regularly protects your car’s engine by: 

  • Clearing out dirt and debris
  • Redistributing and absorbing excess heat buildup
  • Protecting the engine from rust and corrosion
  • Providing a layer of oil over all parts of the engine

Most cars and trucks today are being driven longer than those in the past. This affects the type of oil that is used in your vehicle. Vehicles with more than 75,000 miles can last when a high-mileage blend of oil is used.

Warning signs that your car’s oil needs to be changed

You can help your engine work at top efficiency by checking the oil yourself once every other fill-up. Pay attention to:

  • Flecks on the dipstick
  • Darker than normal oil 
  • Low oil level on the dipstick
  • Unusual or loud noises 
  • The “check engine” light is on

Don’t ignore them any of these warning signs. Let Ramona Tire in Redlands check it out as soon as possible. 

Concierge Services

More people today are working from home, but your vehicles still need to be maintained. Your safety and the safety of your family depends on it. Ramona Tire & Service Centers offers our free Concierge Service to help. 

Let us pick your car up at home or office (within three miles) and bring it to the shop for your scheduled services. Your day can stay on track while we take care of your car. Your car will be sanitized at all contact points for your safety before it is returned to you. This service saves you time and makes it easy to keep your vehicle properly maintained at the same time.

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Redland Oil Change FAQs

Why is it important to follow a regular oil change schedule?

Keeping your engine oil fresh is vital to maintaining the condition and performance of your vehicle, so regular oil changes are the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly by protecting your engine from dangerous buildup and helping prevent major breakdowns.

Maintaining a regular oil change schedule ensures the following benefits for your engine:

  • Keeps your engine well lubricated
  • Helps absorb the friction caused by heat
  • Protects the engine against the buildup caused by combustion

Need an oil change in Redlands? Let Ramona Tire & Service Centers keep your car or truck running smoothly and book an appointment online today.

Do I need to change my oil filter every time I have my oil changed?

When you have your oil changed, we recommend replacing your oil filter as well. As combustion and movement occurs within your engine, it causes a significant amount of buildup that gets into the oil and your engine. The oil filter helps keep larger buildup and debris out of the engine, keeping your oil cleaner for longer. By replacing it regularly, you can increase the longevity of your engine and keep your oil performing well.

Here at Ramona Tire & Service Centers, we use nothing but the highest-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filters and can have your oil and oil filter changed in no time, getting you back on the road. Book an appointment today and let us keep your engine clean.

Do I have to use the same oil brand for every oil change?

You do not have to use the same oil brand for each new oil change. Changing oil brands will not cause any issues as long as the oil you choose is compatible with your specific engine model. You can also change between conventional and synthetic oils without any issues. At Ramona Tire & Service Centers in Redlands, we offer several options to provide just the right oil for you and are happy to discuss and recommend an oil that suits your vehicle. We use nothing but the best quality oils such as Valvoline Premium Conventional oil, Valvoline Synthetic Blend, and Valvoline Full Synthetic.

Where can I have my oil changed near me?

Finding a great auto service center to have your oil changed does not have to be a challenge. With numerous locations of Ramona Tire & Service Centers, we make finding great service for quality auto care simple and convenient. When you choose Ramona Tire & Service Centers for your auto care needs, you can be confident that our team of mechanics will perform every service on your vehicle with expertise. Make an appointment now to have your oil changed, your tires serviced or replaced, or any of your other auto service needs performed.