Auto Mechanic’s Guide to Choosing The Best Auto Repair Shop

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When it comes to auto repair in Southern California, there are thousands of auto mechanics to choose from. So how do you know a great auto repair shop from a “just okay” car repair spot? In today’s deep dive, we’re going behind the scenes with the technicians who are actually under the hood to find out the best auto services.

Look For New Tire Sales and Tire Repair Services

Not every auto shop offers tire services, yet these are some of the most crucial components to getting your vehicle from A to B safely. Whether for your car, truck, van, SUV, or pull-behind trailer, Ramona Tire has the exact tire to fit your vehicle and your driving habits. Just input your tire width, profile, wheel size, and desired season and you’ll be presented with our expansive inventory of top-quality name brand tires. Finding this information is easy, you can find it printed on a small placard affixed to your driver side door jamb or within your owner’s manual. 

Once you find the perfect set, you can check out and even schedule a tire installation appointment online. If you’d prefer to bring in your vehicle and review your options in person, our certified professionals will be more than happy to help you find the right tires to fit your vehicle. 

Our ASE-certified technicians can also perform tire maintenance and repairs for tires that can be safely serviced. Flat tire repair, tire rotations, balancing, and more are all performed in state-of-the-art facilities using the very best diagnostic equipment available.  

Specialty Services Such as Alignment and Steering Service

Computerized alignments take sophisticated equipment to dial in perfect and accurate measurements. This equipment is critical for the best service during an alignment and can help find and repair steering-related issues quickly and safely. The team at Ramona has the skills, tools, and experience to provide perfect alignments and expert steering repairs for all makes and models of vehicles—foreign and domestic, hybrid and electric, diesel, and gas. 

Not every auto repair facility has the type of equipment needed to provide this service for such an array of vehicles. 

The Gold Standard: Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance—think oil and filter changes, air filter replacement, fluid checks, and other vital tasks—are those cost-effective activities every vehicle owner should be doing when they want to optimize both performance and longevity. Quick oil-change shops can be tempting for this service but whenever considering an auto shop for any preventative maintenance task, ask three questions:

  • Who is doing the work? If the technician under your hood isn’t ASE-certified then they don’t have the credentials that say they are experienced enough to do everything required to keep your vehicle running at its best. At Ramona Tire, all of our technicians hold this advanced distinction so that customers can be 100% confident that the work is being done by extremely qualified professionals. 
  • What parts and products are they using? Not all auto products are created equal, so make sure your auto shop is using high-quality parts and products. Valvoline is an industry standard, known for their premium motor oils. Also look for a repair shop that uses OEM replacement parts. These are parts that are made exactly per your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Be careful as some less-than-favorable shops use rebuilt or salvaged parts. 
  • What is their track record? With internet reviews, it’s pretty easy to get a good idea of a service center’s track record. But these can sometimes be one-sided, so also check other bona fide rating services like AAA-approved locations. Ramona Tire & Service Centers is proud to be AAA approved for our stellar customer service and expert auto repair.

Even with something that seems as ordinary as preventative maintenance, the quality of your auto repair shop goes a long way in deciding the quality of the service you’re receiving. 

Critical Components: Expert Transmission Repair

Transmission service is another service that not every auto repair shop is going to be able to offer, but it is critical to have this kind of work done right. Whether it’s a full replacement of an automatic transmission or a clutch inspection, the professional mechanics at Ramona Tire and Service Center can provide complete transmission service and repair on a wide range of vehicles. 

Trouble with your transmission can include grinding gears or difficulty shifting. Any problems with a transmission should not be ignored and always serviced by an experienced professional. 

Great Auto Repair Shops Must Do Battery Repairs and Replacement 

Your vehicle battery is another component that is so vital that without it, you won’t be able to go anywhere. And yet, not every auto shop offers a complete line of battery repairs and replacement. The size and type of battery your vehicle needs is specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer and batteries do have a definitive lifespan and eventually need replacement. However, separating the okay car repair shops from the great ones is the willingness and know-how to do a thorough investigation for any electrical-related issues. A dead battery can be the product of any number of different scenarios that our highly-skilled and certified technicians can troubleshoot and remedy in short order.  

Full-Scale Air Conditioning Services

You should never find a DIY car AC recharge kit at a professional auto shop. Precision AC repair takes specialized equipment to not harm the sensitive components within your vehicle’s system. Ramona’s auto mechanics use advanced equipment and take the time to figure out exactly what an AC needs to be running at its best. 

If you’re noticing odd smells, dampness on the floorboard, or hearing sounds coming from the vents, these are all signs something is up with your system and it’s time for a professional evaluation to see what’s causing the issue. From refrigerant recharges, to AC compressor replacements, our team provides the expert service to do exactly what’s required.

Offering Southern California Drivers Everyday Deals 

Something else to look for in an auto shop that has your back for the long haul is with great coupons and deals on products and repairs. With an ever-revolving line-up of special deals from top manufacturers, seasonal promotions, and other specials we have running, we want to help you save money any way we can.

Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service For Car Repairs

Another thing you definitely won’t see at every repair shop in Southern California is a free concierge service. If your vehicle is within three miles of our auto service, our team will come get your vehicle and service it before returning it right back to your location absolutely free.

How to Schedule Your Auto Repair Appointment

Now that you know what all to look for in a top-notch auto shop, it’s easy to see where Ramona Tire & Service Centers hits the mark. Having the ability to do everything our customers need for their vehicle in a single location is just one more way that we look to provide the very best service experience possible.

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