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Ramona Tire, Moreno Valley Ramona Tire, Moreno Valley
Manager: Jack Hughes
12275 Heacock Street
Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Retail, Commercial

Payments Accepted

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  • CFNA
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Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair And Service

Keeping the air maintained for peak performance is a worthwhile expense. It might mean a simple recharge by a qualified professional. If it is running but not keeping you cold enough, it could be a leak. It may also be one of your systems components, including possibly the compressor.

Auto Repair Center

Car manufacturers are producing ever more reliable cars, but it is inevitable that you will run into some problems with your car, and will need to take it to an Auto Repair Center in Moreno Valley, CA to have these problems fixed. There are different types of repair center, and we will have a look at the services they can provide.

Auto Repair Service

Should you find that your auto has been damaged, you will not only have to deal with high repair costs, but the stress of trying to find the right auto repair service in Moreno Valley, CA. With cities being filled with endless repair shops, it can be hard to find a place that you are comfortable working with. So how does a person find that perfect shop? Here are some things you can do to improve your chances.


Auto Repair Shop

Every automobile owner comprehends the anxiety involved with auto repair work. You either have to invest a great deal of time trying to fix your issues yourself, or you need to trust auto repair shops to do the work. Both circumstances can get quite bothersome, nonetheless this information will help build your experience a little much easier. 

Auto Repair Store

Even in a slow economy, it is not a good idea to scrimp on automobile maintenance and repairs. Even when you might be watching your finances carefully and trying to trim the fat, auto repairs is not something that should be placed on standby. Doing so may and often does place a serious crimp on the spending budget unexpectedly when things suddenly go wrong. 

Auto Service Center

Take your car in for service and you will probably save yourself a great deal of stress and money in the end. Every vehicle requires routine maintenance. Get out your car manual and really look at it. Get to know your vehicle and the recommended maintenance schedule. The following information will serve as a supplement to that information.

Automobile Repair

Gaining knowledge about what automobile repair is and how it can help you may be a task that you find to be difficult. However, the article below has some quick and simple tips to make auto repair easier for you. This article will serve as a smart way to start on the path to becoming well-versed in auto repair, and it can help you save money too. 

Automotive Mechanics

The professional mechanic should take the time to listen to what you have to say and then give you honest and accurate answers. Their goal is to build your trust and to avoid any additional work that may not be necessary. Make sure they speak with you about your vehicle and they go over all the details about what they are going to do. 

Automotive Repair

If you're reading this, you probably are having car issues right now. This is why this article is here, to help you. Most people know squat about automotive repairs, so they need to be told what steps to take. Keep on reading if you want to learn what can be done when you're working on auto repair. 

Automotive Repairs

Prices may differ between repair centers, so be sure you compare them just as should you be looking for anything else you need. After all, you do not want to pay more for repairs than necessary. Make sure the shop you go to is charging a going rate, instead of an inflated one. 

Automotive Service

From flashers to front lights as well as your turn signal you possess plenty of bulbs to focus on. Regularly, you can examine the lights to make sure that they're operating all the time. While you likely won’t encounter too much issue with them, many of these lighting do go out after 3 years of use and this could lead to costly tickets. 

Belt Service And Maintenance

Belts require replacement more frequently than other parts because of exposure to heat, vibration and harmful chemicals. Visual inspections should include looking for indications of damage, testing for correct tension and alignment, and making a record of condition for future reference. These belts include four fan belts, the drive belt and the v-belt for a belt drive transmission.

Brake Repair

Servicing your brake fluid during a regular service is important because it becomes contaminated by moisture. What does that mean to you? Under ordinary driving conditions, it could cause the fluid to boil and release vapor into your brake system. When this vapor compresses inside the system, you may find yourself experiencing a dreaded driving crises, a dangerous low brake pedal or even worse, no brake pedal.

Brake Service Experts

Quite often, completely new brake systems need to be installed in vehicles. This is the most costly type of maintenance that brakes may go through to make them function once again. Occasionally though, the brake fluid may just be low or dirty and need changing. Brake fluid is part of routine servicing on the brakes and should be checked regularly. Too little brake fluid will damage the brakes and cause them not to function properly. 

Car Battery Replacement Service

Proper maintenance of your battery is a must as it is a critical part of your automobile. It is advised that you clean the battery on a regular basis. Checking the fluids is also important. Remove the vent cap to check levels. The level needs to rise over the battery's top plates. If needed add distilled water, but do not over-fill the cells.

Car Inspection Pros

All hoses, belts and electrical wiring under the hood should be looked over. If potential problems are spotted, the auto technician will advise just how much it would cost to exchange or repair them. In the event the vehicle repairs are more than the cost of the vehicle, it may be smart to take a look at another motor vehicle instead. 

Car Oil Changes

Despite it being among the cheapest and simplest things we are able to do for the vehicle, many people put off a car oil change so long as they possibly can. While it may seem like it isn’t everything that important, you will see that a normal oil change is very important for your life of your car’s engine. Even a single missed change or driving an additional thousand miles can have an affect on your vehicle. For this reason it is necessary you intend on changing your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Car Repair

Car issues are common and frustrating. You can save a lot by learning to maintain your car yourself and replacing small parts yourself. Keep this advice about auto repair in mind. They will be very valuable when your car has issues again.When you need your car repaired at a shop in Moreno Valley, you might want to ask the mechanic to go on a ride with you. This allows the mechanic to see what kinds of things you are dealing with. This is the best way for your Moreno Valley mechanic to determine what the issue is. 

Car Repair Shop

You can now find automobile service center in a few of the smallest towns, and many huge cities are the home of at least 10 stores offering automobile repair products and complete maintenance and repair services. Customers who want to take care of their automobiles without paying high car dealership repair prices now rely on these auto service center for credible information, budget friendly costs, and services should keep their vehicles safe on the road.

Car Shops

Anyone who owns a car can look forward to taking it directly into be serviced at some point or another. There are even situations when major issues arise and a good mechanic is the only person with whom you need to talk. The only real question is whether it is advisable to take your automobile to a independent auto technician or perhaps to a dealership instead. 

Car Tires

Car tires are a very important element of your automobile. Getting the right tires will ensure your safety factors maintained at all times on the streets. With lots of facts to consider, it will likely be vital that you be aware of the basics so you can select the wheels which will best suit your needs.

Clutch Repair

A clutch is an integral part of your vehicle. It allows you to shift gears, and even automatic transmissions have a clutch. It is a major component between your motor and your transmission. There are two types of clutches, manual and automatic. Automatic clutches are inside the transmission, and automatically shifts gears up or down when you drive. A manual clutch is separate from the transmission, and there is a third pedal where your feet are so you can manually engage and disengage the clutch. In addition there is also a hydraulic cylinder, called the slave cylinder, which is what operates the clutch mechanism. 

Computerized Engine Analysis

The modern vehicle has so many electronic features operated by a computer that a complete computerized analysis will save you money in the long run. The computer's electronic parts can become easily damaged by improper testing and installation by voltage overload. Therefore, choose a shop that has ASE Certified Master Technicians and the latest equipment.

CV Joint And Drive Axle Service And Maintenance

CV joints are widely used in front and rear wheel drive cars. A constant velocity joint is a mechanism that connects two fixed rotating shafts. This allows the shafts to be connected while the axis pivot changes. The axle is the structural component that connects two wheels together on opposite sides. Inspection is extremely important as the axle bears the weight of your vehicle and the acceleration forces between you and the ground.

Electrical System Service

The electrical system consists of an alternator, battery, starter, solenoid, voltage regulator and a fuse panel. The alternator produces the electricity used to maintain the stored charge created by the battery. The starter works by turning the engines crankshaft via the flywheel thus starting the combustion process. It creates compression within the cylinders and then voltage to the starter is supplied to the battery and administered by the solenoid or relay. The fuse panel protects your vehicle from short circuits and/or power overloads.

Engine Repair

This involves simple maintenance like oil changes to computerized engine analysis depending on the number of miles and/or indicators of a problem like the “Check Engine” light. Neglecting recommended service to your engine could be very risky and compliance to the routine maintenance can extend the life of your engine.

Exhaust System Repair

The purpose of the system is to direct fumes away from passengers. It should also help lower the noise level. The exhaust system consists of pipes under the vehicle that join to the catalytic converter and muffler. Manufactures recommend that you service the exhaust system every two years.

Front End Maintenance

The steering system of your vehicle must be kept in good condition if you expect a comfortable ride. Alignment servicing is very important especially if you have hit a pot hole or a curb or purchased new tires. Routine inspection is suggested every five years.


Not so long ago, everybody knew a auto technician down the road who could easily deal with his/her vehicle cheaply and reliably. Numerous of us that happen to be old enough to remember those days found out all we know about vehicles from handing the tools to the mechanic and asking concerns as they would do the service. 

Muffler Repair

Everyone at one time or another has had muffler problems. Some are minor, while others may need to be replaced all the way up to the exhaust manifold. Because mufflers get extremely hot, then cold, the metal doesn’t last quite as long as other vehicle parts. They are also located under the chassis, and exposed to the elements. This means that the weather can play a major part in their deterioration. 

Muffler Shop

The demand for an automobile exhaust repair work can be stressful for people. The second a strange noise launches, there can be some concern with taking the automobile into a muffler shop assuming that the repairs will cost you a number of thousand dollars. The what's what is that lots of sounds do not represent muffler troubles and if you do require a repair work it will not cost you as much as you think. Take a moment to take a look at the best ways to identify if your automobile requires a brand-new muffler on your own. Just bear in mind that there will not be a much better more effective method than having the expert muffler shop in your location examine the system.

Oil Changes

Keeping your engine parts meshing together requires good clean oil. Changing and replacing your oil should become the most frequent (every 3,000 miles) servicing on your vehicle. This should include replacement of your oil filter at the same time. Make a record of the type of oil and weight for reference when you might need to add oil between changes.

Radiator Repair And Service

The typical radiator is made from aluminum and filled with a liquid coolant also called anti-freeze. To speed up the process a fan forces cool air into the radiator. The radiator is tantamount in keeping the engine from overheating. Check your coolant often and add, if necessary. Annual servicing is recommended.

Repair Shops

During those occasions when thelocal and national, or personal economy is depressed, lots of people choose to maintain their existing vehicles as opposed to buy a newer model. This will help save money that you can use for other, more significant things, like putting food on the table. Needless to say, having good transportation is essential also, and taking good care of the vehicle is vital to maintaining the opportunity to get to and from work or another such activities. For this reason, locating a good auto mechanic shop is extremely important to the success of this undertaking. 

Shocks, Struts, And Suspension Service

Shocks and struts help keep the tires on the ground and prevent erratic movement. Wear and tear will be gradual under normal driving conditions, but will accelerate while driving over rough terrain. Your worst enemy is loose gravel and rocks shooting up and causing leakage which ultimately will cause a loss of functionality. A servicing every 5,000 miles is recommended.

Tire Alignment

When your vehicle isn't properly aligned, there is an uneven wear on your tire tread. In time this can lead to steering and tracking problems. Eventually, the problem could escalate to a blowout. While this may not be as dangerous at a low speed, when you begin to travel down freeways at 65 MPH, the result could be a flipped car and the loss of your life. 

Tires And Tire Repair

If your tire needs a repair, the best thing to do is to replace it with a spare and bring it to a service center. They can fix most punctures, broken valves and recommend a replacement if it cannot be repaired. It is a good idea to check tire pressure once a month to ensure even wear of your tread.

Tire Rotation Service

How often you should rotate your tires depends on the number of miles you drive versus the time that has past. When you purchase your tires, you will receive a schedule to follow. Be sure to write down the mileage with a reminder on your calendar to check to see if it is time for a rotation.

Transmission Repair Services

Automatic transmissions are by far the most popular in the USA. Transmission problems arise when regular servicing is not performed. Fluids need to be changed to prevent mileage friction resulting in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even complete failure. The usual recommended servicing is every 30,000 miles.

Wheel Alignment Service

Alignment is the angle in which your tires contact the pavement. It is usually measured in positive or negative degrees. The importance of a proper alignment affects the way your tires wear and the tendency of your car to travel straight. Without proper alignment, your car will tend to pull to one side or the other which will affect the wheel "feel."

Wheel Balancing Service

Well balanced tires result in a smoother ride and better wear of your tires. A balancing machine is used to locate the heavy spots and a weight is used on the opposite side to compensate. Balancing is necessary when your steering wheel vibrates and also when you purchase new tires.

Scheduled Maintenance

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Services:

  • 15,000 Mile (15K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30,000 Mile (30K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 45,000 Mile (45K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 60,000 Mile (60K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 75,000 Mile (75K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • 90,000 Mile (90K) Scheduled Maintenance
  • Any Manufacturer Suggested Scheduled Maintenance Interval

Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Ford Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chevy Scheduled Maintenance
  • Toyota Scheduled Maintenance
  • Honda Scheduled Maintenance
  • Nissan Scheduled Maintenance
  • Dodge Scheduled Maintenance
  • Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance
  • GMC Scheduled Maintenance
  • KIA Scheduled Maintenance
  • Hyundai Scheduled Maintenance
  • Volkswagen Scheduled Maintenance

Buy Tires in Moreno Valley, CA at Ramona Tire

Every individual wants to travel faster and more convenient. Owning a car nowadays is not just a wish for but already a must. For drivers, having a smooth travel is enjoyable. Therefore, there are several aspects we have to consider with regards to vehicles. First is the tire. Tires are the vehicle’s most significant component.

The only contact the vehicles have on the road is through the tires and even with the most sophisticated of engines and the strongest of brakes, still the vehicle relies on the grip of the tires. Every move the driver makes is translated to the tires that are in contact with the ground.

So, if a driver is using worn out tires or under-inflated ones or tires that are not suited to the terrain, then they may put their lives and the lives of others in danger. Considering this condition, there are tips a person must be familiar with in choosing the best tires to buy for their so called “best friend”.  Ramona Tire in Moreno Valley, California established different guidelines in buying tires.

First, you must be aware of the basics. It basically means understanding what a tire should be. It has to be a bendable storage place of compressed air which supports the vehicle load; boosts a vehicle forward, backward and side-to-side; stops the vehicle, and moderates the load from road deficiencies.

Second is to choose the exact tire for your vehicle. Perhaps the prevalent error a person can make when replacing tires in not using the right size. You will find a code on the sidewall of the tire that tells its size and capabilities.

Another key part in choosing a replacement tire is the load rating. The load capacity number on the tire-size code signifies the load-carrying capacity of that single tire. When selecting replacement tires, one should have to be extra cautious not to opt for a tire with a lower load-carrying capacity. When it comes to a point that you have to get a set of new tires, drivers have a great deal of preferences.

By tradition, the most high-priced alternative is to come back to the dealership. Therefore, dealers will replace worn out tires with original tires. This decision can cost twice as much as going to the local shop down the street.

Ramona Tire in Moreno Valley is most likely the finest place for the average bargain hunter to shop for new tires. Prices are reasonable and the service manager in-charge will help buyers decide on the accurate tire for their vehicle.  Ramona Tire personnel are very much concern on your security, in which they offer period of time to look at and consider how you drive.

They ensure you pay for a tire that is competent and capable of supporting the load your vehicle might demand. Ramona Tire in Moreno Valley never overlooks whichever customer’s apprehension and guarantees loyal customers in the future. For all bargain hunters, do not forget to pop round in the well-located shop at Ramona Tire in Moreno Valley California.

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